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014865: - Nieuw Vlaemsch-Fransch Woordenboek. Nouveau Dictionnaire Flamand-Francais - 2 Banden
015205: - Deutsche Literatur IM Exil. 1933-1945 + Deutsche Literatur IM Exil. 1933-1945 Zweite Folge - Booksellers Catalogues Antiquariat Amelang
014951: ASSCHER, A. & D. COHEN - INLEIDING VAN DICK HOUWAART - Het Joodsche Weekblad: Uitgave Van Den Joodschen Raad Voor Amsterdam - Facsimile Editie 2 Delen Compleet
014880: ST. JOHN J.A. - Egypt and Nubia: Their Scenery and Their People. Being Incidents of History and Travel, from the Best and the Most Recent Authorities, Including J.L. Burckhardt and Lord Lindsay
014993: ACEBES, HECTOR - Portraits in Africa: 1948 - 1953
015001: ADAMS, HENRY - The Education of Henry Adams - Limited Edition
015163: ADAMS, DOUGLAS - The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul
015255: ADCOCK, A. ST. JOHN + ILLUSTRATIONS BY ADCOCK, FREDERICK - Famous Houses and Literary Shrines of London
015036: GEEREBAERT ADHEMAR - Lijst Van de Gedrukte Nederlandsche Vertalingen Der Oude Grieksche En Latijnsche Schrijvers
015179: ALBERA, BLOK, BROMBERGER - L'Anthropologie de la Mediterranee / Anthropology of the Mediterranean
014896: DANTE, ALIGHIERI & ILLUSTRATED BY DORE, GUSTAVE - EDITED BY HENRY C. WALSH - Purgatory and Paradise: Altemus Edition
015063: ALLEN, BERNARD M. - Gordon and the Sudan
015188: ALTIZER, ALMA B. - Self and Symbolism in the Poetry of Michelangelo, John Donne, and Agrippa D'Aubigné
014877: PERE D. AMELOTE - Le Nouveau Testament de Nostre Seigneur Jesus-Christ
015148: ILLUSTRATIONS DE LUCIEN BOUCHER GRAVÉES SUR BOIS PAR G. ANGIOLINI - Chroniques de L'Oeil de Boeuf - Erotique: Collection Xviie Siècle Galant
015151: ILLUSTRATIONS DE PAUL LEMAGNY GRAVÉES SUR BOIS PAR G. ANGIOLINI - Nouvelles Libertines de Scarron - Erotique: Collection Xviie Siècle Galant
015169: ANKERSMIT, DAMES - De Practische Kookkunst
014914: ANONYMOUS - 17th Century Print: 2 Sea Battles between the Fleet of the United Netherlands and the Combined Anglo-French Fleet / 2 Zeeslagen Tussen de Vloot Van de Republiek En de Gecombineerde Engels-Franse Vloot
014942: ARAGO, JACQUES - Narrative of a Voyage Round the World, in the Uranie and Physicienne Corvettes, Commanded by Captain Freycinet, During the Years 1817-1820
015229: AUGUSTINOS, OLGA - French Odysseys : Greece in French Travel Literature from the Renaissance to the Romantic Era.
014805: RIETSTAP J.B. - De Wereldbol: De Jongste Zee- En Landreizen - 7 Delen in 5 Banden: Compleet
014855: BAIN, JAMES STODDAR - A Bookseller Looks Back: The Story of the Bains
015089: BAINBRIDGE, BERYL - A Quiet Life
015227: BALAJKA, PETR - EDITOR - Encyklopedie Ceskych a Slovenskych Fotografu ( Encyclopedia of Czech and Slovak Photographers ).
015284: ILLUSTRATIONS BY H.M. BATEMAN - The Boy Who Breathed on the Glass in the British Museum
014927: BAUDELAIRE, CHARLES - Oeuvres Complètes, Charles Baudelaire: 3 Volumes Complete + Index
014967: BAUMGARTEN, BARBARA DEE BENNETT - Visual Art As Theology
014827: BECK, HARRY - Original Map of the London Underground: 1935
014953: BELL, GERTRUDE LOWTHIAN - Syria: The Desert & the Sown
015041: BENARD, ROBERT - Original Captain Cook Engraving: Une Femme de Oonalashka - Plate 49 - 1785
015042: BENARD, ROBERT - Original Captain Cook Engraving: Un Homme de L'Entrée de Nootka - Plate 38 - 1785
015031: BENARD, ROBERT - Original Captain Cook Engraving: Une Femme de L'Entrée de Nootka - Plate 39 - 1785
014900: BENNETT, JUDITH A. - Pacific Forest: A History of Resource Control and Contest in the Solomon Islands C. 1800-1997
014892: BERG, J. C. VAN DEN - De Werelddeelen: Bewerkt Naar Friedrich Von Hellwald's Die Erde Und Ihre Völker. Europa En de Poolgwesten. Amerika En Australien, Azië En Afrika - 3 Delen Compleet
015184: BERGER, DR. A. - Aus Einem Verschlossenen Paradiese: Eine Welt- Und Jagdreise
015139: BERGVELT, ELLINOOR - Pantheon Der Gouden Eeuw. Van Nationale Konst-Gallerij Tot Rijksmuseum Van Schilderijen -1798 - 1896 - Uit de Nalatenschap Van Boudewijn Buch
015168: BLAKE, WILLIAM - The Marriage of Heaven and Hell: Hardcover in Slipcase
014878: BLANCO, D. PEDRO LUIS - Noticia a de Las Antiguas Y Genuinas Colecciones Canónicas inéditas de la Iglesia Española, Que de órden Del Rey... Se Publicarán Por Su Real Biblioteca de Madrid... / Dispuesta Por Su Bibliotecario Mayor Don Pedro Luis Blanco
014824: BLAVATSKY, H.P. BESANT, ANNIE MEAD, G.R.S. - Lucifer: A Theosophical Monthly Volume XVII September 1895 to February 1896
014825: BLAVATSKY, H.P. BESANT, ANNIE MEAD, G.R.S. - Lucifer: A Theosophical Monthly Volume XX March 1897 to August 1897
015094: P.F.C. VAN DEN BOGAERDT, F. VAN DAMME, K.H.SAUERBIER, A. SCHIPPERS, H.W.E. VAN SEGGELEN - Werkzaamheden Aan de Offsetpers: 4 Delen in 3 Banden - Compleet
014810: BOITARD, M. - Manuel de L'Architecte Des Jardins, Ou L' Art de Les Composer Et de Les Decorer. Atlas.
015101: BOK, DEREK - FOREWARD - Harvard and Holland
015037: BOK, WILLEM PIETER JOANNES - De Belastingen in Het Nederlandsche Parlement Van 1848-1888
014978: BOUHOURS, PERE DOMINIQUE - Vie de S. François Xavier: Apotre Des Indes Et Du Japon: 2 Volumes
015209: BOURNE, H.R. FOX - Civilisation in Congoland: A Story of International Wrong-Doing
015193: ILLUSTRATIONS DE PIERRE LEROY GRAVEES SUR BOIS PAR ROGER BOYER - Le Cabinet Satyrique - Erotique: Collection Xviie Siècle Galant
015147: ILLUSTRATIONS DE GASTON BARRET GRAVEES SUR BOIS PAR ROGER BOYER - Historrietes de Tallemant Des Reaux - Erotique: Collection Xviie Siècle Galant
015128: BRÉVANS, J. DE. - Les Conserves Alimentaires: Avec 74 Figures Intercalees Dans le Texte
015108: O'BRIAN, PATRICK - Master and Commander
015092: O'BRIAN, PATRICK - The Commodore
015142: BRIENEN, REBECCA PARKER - Visions of Savage Paradise: Albert Eckhout, Court Painter in Colonial Dutch Brazil
014817: MAGGS BROTHERS - Bibliotheca Nautica. Books, Prints and Manuscripts Relating to Naval Battles and the Science of Naval Warfare, Shipbuilding and the Art of Navigation, Pirates, Buccaneers, and Privateers, Shipwrecks and Disasters at Sea: 4 Volumes Complete
015249: RICHMOND BROWN, LADY - Unknown Tribes Uncharted Seas
014933: THOMAS BROWNE, LL.D. - The British Cicero or the Most Admired Speeches in the English Language: 3 Volumes
015083: WILSON, BRYAN AND DOBBELAERE, KAREL - A Time to Chant: The Soka Gakkai Buddhists in Britain
015123: BÜCH, BOUDEWIJN - Een Heel Huis Vol: 1e Druk 2001
015223: BUCH, BOUDEWIJN - Eilanden Reeks 5 Delen Compleet
015222: BUCH, BOUDEWIJN, SCHNEYDERBERG, ERIC J. - De Literaire Nalatenschap Van Boudewijn Buch - Gesigneerd Door Buch + Prijslijst
015218: BUCH, BOUDEWIJN - Leeg En Kaal: Eilanden, Vijfde Deel
015220: BUCH, BOUDEWIJN, MARIA, IGNATIUS. - De Taal Als Blauw
015221: BUCH, BOUDEWIJN - Nogal Droevige Liedjes Voor de Kleine Gijs: Gedichten.
015181: BÜCH, BOUDEWIJN - Dood Kind: Lamenti - 1e Druk, Oplage 1250 Exemplaren
015064: BUKOWSKI, CHARLES - EDITED BY SEAMUS COONEY - Charles Bukowski: Selected Letters - 4 Volumes Complete
015057: BUNYAN, JOHN + HERVEY, JAMES - A True Relation of the Holy War - Bunyan + Meditations and Contemplations - Hervey
015140: MEARNS, DAVID C. AND LLOYD A. DUNLAP: EDITORS - Long Remembered: The Gettysburg Address in Facsimile
014836: HOOFT P.C. - REDACTIE W. HELLINGA EN P. TUYNMAN - Alle de Gedrukte Werken, 1611-1738: 9 Delen Compleet
015208: CAIN, JAMES M. - The Moth
014989: CARROLL, LEWIS - WITH THE ILLUSTRATIONS OF JOHN TENNIEL - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - the Oxford Library of the World's Great Books
015043: CARROLL, LEWIS - ILLUSTRATED BY JOHN TENNIEL - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
014864: CARROLL, LEWIS - ILLUSTRATIONS BY MERVYN PEAKE - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass
014834: CASEMENT, SIR ROGER - The Crime Against Europe. The Causes of the War and the Foundations of Peace
014844: CERVANTES, MIGUEL DE - Don Quijote of la Mancha - Boxed Set, 3 Volumes
015282: CHARLEMONT, LORD - EDITED BY W.B. STANFORD AND E.J. FINOPOULOS. DRAWINGS BY RICHARD - The Travels of Lord Charlemont in Greece & Turkey 1749
015084: CHARTON, M. ÉDOUARD (ED.) - Le Magasin Pittoresque: 1833 Tome Premier
014988: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY - IN CONTEMPORARY VERSE BY J.U. NICOLSON - WITH THE WOODCUTS OF WILLIAM CAXTON - Canterbury Tales - the Oxford Library of the World's Great Books
014961: CHRISTIE'S - The Frank S. Streeter Library: Important Navigation, Pacific Voyages, Cartogaphy, Science: 2 Volumes Complete
014816: CHRISTIES - The Quentin Keynes Collection: 4 Volumes Complete
015077: CHRISTIES - Books and Manuscripts from the Library of Arthur A. Houghton, Jr - 2 Volumes Complete
015060: CICERON - Oraison Choisies , Les Catilinaires, Et Les Livres de la Vieillesse Et de L'Amitie de M.T. Ciceron
015062: CICERON - TRADUCTION REVUE PAR M. DE WAILLY - Oraison Choisies de Ciceron: Tome I + Tome II + Tome III
015234: CLEMENT, GASTON - Le Conseiller Culinaire
014935: CLIFFORD, THOMAS - Two 17th Century Pamphlets Bound in One: Englands Appellation, Von Der Geheimden Cabel Oder Versamlung Zu Whitehal an Den Grossen Rath Der Nation + Andrer Theil Von Englands Appelation an Die Gemeinde Wider Den Koenig
014982: COCKX-INDESTEGE, ELLY, & GLORIEUX, GENEIEVE - Belgica Typographica 1541 - 1600. Catalogus Librorum Impressorum Ab Anno Mdxli Ad Annum Mdc in Regionibus Quae Nunc Regni Belgarum Partes Sunt: Volume I - Bibliotheca Regia Bruxellensis
015061: COLLINS, NORMAN - London Belongs to Me
014973: COOK, JAMES - VERTAALD DOOR J.D.PASTEUR - Reizen Rondom de Waereld: Zevende Deel
015085: COPPING, ARTHUR EDWARD - ILLUSTRATIONS BY HAROLD COPPING - A Journalist in the Holy Land : Glimpses of Egypt and Palestine
014994: COSTER, CHARLES DE - WOODCUTTINGS BY A. HAHN JR - La Legende Et Les Aventures Heroiques, Joyeuses Et Glorieuses D' Ulenspiegel Et de Lamme Goedzak Au Pays de Flandres Et Ailleurs: 2 Tomes - Limited Edition Nr 307 of 1500
015068: DE COURTOIS, SÉBASTIEN - Le Génocide Oublié : Chrétiens D'Orient, Les Derniers Araméens
015133: CRAIG, WILLIAM LANE - God, Time, and Eternity
015121: CROEGAERT, KAN A. - Uitgewerkte Plannen Voor Sermoenen En Lessen over Het Heilig Misoffer En Zijn Ceremoniën: 2 Delen Compleet
014799: COLLATED AND EDITED WITH SOME APPENDICES BY J.L. RAYNER AND G.T. CROOK - The Complete Newgate Calender: 5 Volumes Complete
014794: CZAPLICKA, MARIE ANTOINETTE COLLINS, DAVID (ED.) - The Collected Works of M.A. Czaplicka: 4 Volumes Complete
015172: BAX, D. & KOEMAN, C. - Argitektoniese Skoonheid in Kaapstad Se Kompanjiestuin 1777-1805 - with a Summary in English
014911: DANTE, ALIGHIERI - VERTAALD DOOR P.FR.C.KOPS, O.F.M. - Dante's Goddelijke Komedie: 3 Delen - de Hel, Het Vagevuur, Het Paradijs - Compleet
014851: DAPPER, OLFERT - Beschrijving Van Heilige Land Asia, Syrien, Palestyn of Heilige Lant
014929: DARWIN, CHARLES - MILTON, JOHN - The Origin of Species + Paradise Lost: 2 Volumes in Slipcase
015289: DAS, SARAT CHANDRA - An Introduction to the Grammar of the Tibetan Language - with the Texts of Situ Sum-Tag, Dag-Je Sal-Wai Melong and Situi Shal Lung
014818: COSTER, CHARLES DE & PRÉFACES PAR R. TROUSSON ET H. PLARD - La Légende Et Les Aventures Héroïques, Joyeuses Et Glorieuses D'Ulenspiegel Et de Lamme Goedzak Au Pays de Flandres Et Ailleurs
015131: DESSEMONTET, OLIVIER - NICOLLIER, LOUIS-F - Armorial Des Communes Vaudoises , Nr 1185 of 2000 Copies
015259: DEUTSCH, HERMANN B. - Brennan's New Orleans Cookbook: And the Story of the Fabulous New Orleans Restaurant (Signed Copy)
015058: DE DEYNE, V - Ypres: Avant Et Apres la Guerre Mondiale (1914-1918)
014872: DICKENS, CHARLES - Dickens's Dictionary of London 1879
014960: DILLON, PETER - Narrative of la Perouse's Expedition: 2 Volumes Complete - Narrative and Successful Result of a Voyage in the South Seas, to Ascertain the Actual Fate of la Perouse's Expedition
015002: DIVERSE - The Travels of Abbe Carre in India and the Near East 1672 to 1674: 3 Volumes Complete
014977: DIVERSE - Le Monde de la Sexologie En 15 Tomes - 15 Volumes Complete
015130: DIVERSE - Le Film Complet: Editions de Mon Cine - 50 Editions from 1922 & 1923
014974: DIVERSE - Index Librorum Prohibitorum Juxta Exemplar Romanum Jussu Sanctissimi Domini Nostri Editum Anno Mdcccxxxv
015113: DIVERSE - The Prize for Girls and Boys: Nr: I - XII January to December 1884
015105: DIVERSE - Royal Naval Exhibition Illustrated Souvenir: 1890
015099: DIVERSE - Sketches of the Tower of London As a Fortress, Prison and a Palace and a Guide to the Armories
015174: DIVERSE - The Voyage of John Huyghen Van Linschoten to the East Indies: 2 Volumes Complete
014890: DIVERSE - Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering in Japan 1970
015052: DIVERSE - Punch Vol 17(July to December 1849) + Vol 18(January to June 1850)
015053: DIVERSE - The Illustrated War News: 11 Parts Bound in One - July 1915 to September 1915
014904: DIVERSE - London Interiors with Their Costumes & Ceremonies. From Drawings Made by Permission of the Public Officers, Proprietors and Trustees of the Metropolitan Buildings
015239: DIVERSE - Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2008
014822: DIVERSE - Album Van Gezichten Uit Den Congo: Missie Van de Witte Paters
014798: DIVERSE - The Times History of the War: 21 Volumes - Complete
015274: DIVERSE - Sharpe's London Journal of Entertainment and Instruction for General Reading: Volume XV
015270: DIVERSE - Catalogue de Tres Beaux Livres : Voyages - Histoire Naturelle - Calligraphie Et Typographie - Modes Et Costumes. Catalogue No. 8. Librairie F. Roth & Cie, Bookseller's Catalogue
015010: DIVERSE - Captain William Bligh and the Mutiny on the Bounty: Parks Collection
015046: DIVERSE - Black Orpheus - a Journal of African and Afro-American Literature - No 6 November 1959
015047: DIVERSE - Black Orpheus - a Journal of African and Afro-American Literature - No 3 May 1958
015012: DIVERSE - Hollands Oogh-Water Verklarende de Oogen Der Hollanders Ende de Loosheyt Der Engelsche by Hun Ghepleeght in de Handelinghe Der Vredens Tractaten Tot Londen. Vervat in Seker Brief Gheschreven Aan Mijn Heer Libertus Amstelius
015006: DIVERSE - Hollandsche Oprechtigheid Tegen de Engelse Redenloose Onrechtveerdigheid. Bewezen En Verhandeld Tusschen Een Amsterdammer, Een Hagenaar En Een Zeeuw
015271: DIVERSE - Deutsche Literatur IM Exil. 1933-1945 + Deutsche Literatur IM Exil. 1933-1945 Zweite Folge - Booksellers Catalogues Antiquariat Amelang
015015: DIVERSE - Trouloosheyt Der Engelsche Van Eenige Jaren Herwaerts Aangewesen Midtsgaders Een Klaere Aanteeckeninghe Op de Negotiatie Van Den Heer Ambassr Downingh, Gelijck Oock Op D'Engelsche Decleratie Van Oorloghe
015017: DIVERSE - The Illustrated War News: 11 Parts Bound in One - December 1915 to March 1916
015027: DIVERSE - The Cabinet of Interesting Tales Moral and Entertaining : Selected from the Best Authors in the English Language
015028: DIVERSE - Catalogue No. 693 : Cartography a Catalogue of Atlases and Maps
015014: DIVERSE - Wederlegginge Van Den Vergiften Ende Lasterlijcken Hollandtschen Venezoen, Gebacken in Engelandt, &C.
014870: DIVERSE - Rare Pacific Voyage Books: The Parsons Collection Part I and Part II
015003: DIVERSE - Captain James Cook, the Greatest Discoverer: Parks Collection
015204: DIVERSE - Choice Manuscripts and Books Bindings and Autographs. Outstanding for Their Beauty, Rarity or Importance - Bookseller Catalogue 75, H.P. Kraus
015186: DIVERSE - Shakespeare's England: An Account of the Life & Manners of His Age Volume I + II
014791: DIVERSE - The Library of the Earls of Macclesfield Removed from Shirburn Castle. Parts One to Twelve - 12 Volumes Complete Sale Dates: 16 March, 2004 to 2 October, 2008
015023: DIVERSE - Black Orpheus - a Journal of African and Afro-American Literature - No 5 May 1959
014932: DIVERSE - Theosophia: Jaargang 1894-95 - 1895-96
015146: DIVERSE - Catalogue 42: Navigation, Geography, Travels, Shipbuilding, Trade & Commerce, Economics
015157: DIVERSE - Deutsche Gefangene in England
014843: DIVERSE - Répertoire Général Du Théâtre Français; Composé Des Tragédies, Des Comédies Et Drames, Des Auteurs Du Premier Et Du Second Ordre, Restés Au Théâtre Français, Avec Une Table Générale - 66 of the 67 Volumes
014940: DIX, JOHN - The Life of Chatterton Including His Unpublished Poems and Correspondence
015073: P.DODDRIDGE, D.D. - Some Remarkable Passages in the Life of the Honourable Col. James Gardiner
014981: DROST, FRÉ J. - Oorlogswinter 1944: 14 Reprodukties + 8 Extra Prenten Van Drost
015021: DUFFY, PATRICK GAVIN - Official Mixer's Manual: The Standard Guide for Proffesional and Amateur Bartenders Throughout the World
015029: LENGLET DUFRESNOY, N. - Méthode Pour étudier la Geographie. Ou L'on Donne Une Description Exacte de L'Univers, Formée Sur Les Observations de L'Académie Royale Des Sciences, Et Sur Les Auteurs Originaux: Tome III
015008: DUPLAIS,P ARPIN, MARCEL, PORTIER, ERNEST - Traite de la Fabrication Des Liquers Et de la Distillation Des Alcools: Tome Second - Les Liquers
015235: ECK, R. VAN - Luctor Et Emergo: Of de Geschiedenis Der Nederlanders in Den Oost-Indischen Archipel: 2 Delen in 1 Band
015256: PLIMPTON GEORGE A ED - EDITOR - The Paris Review No. 25, Winter-Spring 1961
015237: PLIMPTON GEORGE A ED - EDITOR - The Paris Review No. 45, Winter 1968
015246: PLIMPTON GEORGE A ED - EDITOR - The Paris Review No. 70, Summer 1977
015248: PLIMPTON GEORGE A ED - EDITOR - The Paris Review No. 19, Summer 1958
015275: PLIMPTON GEORGE A ED - EDITOR - The Paris Review No. 22, Autumn-Winter 1959-1960
015276: PLIMPTON GEORGE A ED - EDITOR - The Paris Review No. 21, Spring-Summer 1959
015261: PLIMPTON GEORGE A ED - EDITOR - The Paris Review No. 35, Fall 1965
015048: PLIMPTON GEORGE A ED - EDITOR - The Paris Review No. 18, Spring 1958
015252: PLIMPTON GEORGE A ED - EDITOR - The Paris Review No. 69, Spring 1977
015267: PLIMPTON GEORGE A ED - EDITOR - The Paris Review No. 17, Autumn-Winter 1957
015273: PLIMPTON GEORGE A ED - EDITOR - The Paris Review No. 24, Summer-Fall 1960
015277: PLIMPTON GEORGE A ED - EDITOR - The Paris Review No. 30, Summer-Fall 1963
015269: PLIMPTON GEORGE A ED - EDITOR - The Paris Review No. 64, Winter 1975
015039: EGBERTS, ANT. E. - Berlijn 1943 " de Arbeidseinzatz" : Uit Het Dagboek Van Een Gedeporteerde - de Oplaag Bedraagt 50 Genummerde Exempl. Dit Exemplaar Is No. 20
015175: EHRE, MILTON - Oblomov and His Creator: The Life and Art of Ivan Goncharov
015183: ELKINGTON, MARGERY E. - Les Relations de Societe Entre L'Angleterre Et la France Sous la Restauration (1814-1830)
014807: EVANS LEWIN; CORPORATE AUTHOR ROYAL EMPIRE - Subject Catalogue of the Library of the Royal Empire Society Formerly Royal Colonial Institute: 4 Volumes Complete
015055: ERMERINS, JACOBUS - Eenige Zeeuwsche Oudheden Uit Echte Stukken Opgehelderd En in Het Licht Gebragt Behelzende En Befschryving Der Stad Vere
015106: G.P.R. JAMES ESQ. - The History of Chivalry
015145: ETTINGHAUSEN, PROF RICHARD - Persian Art: Calouste Gulbenkian Collection
015153: FAIRBANK, REISCHAUER, CRAIG - East Asia: Tradition & Transformation (New Impression)
015070: FIELDING, H - The Soul of a People
015141: FIX, ANDREW C. - Prophecy and Reason: The Dutch Collegiants in the Early Enlightenment
014885: FLEURIEU, CHARLES PIERRE - A Voyage Round the World, Performed During the Years 1790-92 by Etienne Marchand: 2 Volumes Complete
015245: FORD, MARK - EDITED BY - London: A History in Verse
015000: FORSTER, E.M. - A Passage to India - Limited Edition
014839: FORSTER, JOHN - The Life of Charles Dickens: 2 Volumes - Memorial Edition 1911
014893: FRANCE, ANATOLE - Le Jardin D'Epicure - Nr 545 of 600
015020: FRANKLIN - Quakeriana: Out of Print Books, Pamphlets, Broadsheets, Engravings, and Manuscripts Relating to the Society of Friends - Catalog No. 19, Season 1907-8
015143: BOOM, MATTIE, VAN BURKOM, FRANS AND SMEETS, JENNY - Photography between Covers / Foto in Omslag
014922: FRY, C.B. - EDITED BY - C.B. Fry's Magazine of Action and Outdoor Life: Vol III April to September, 1905
015162: VON BISMARCK OTTO FÜRST - Gedanten Und Erinnerungen (Band I + II)
014999: AFLALO, F.G. & MARSTON, R.B. - British Salt Water Fish
015107: GAIMAN, NEIL - Neverwhere
015049: GAMBINI, ERMANNO + PASQUALI, ELIO - The Tori: The Grand Fishing Activity in the Middle Ages in Lake Trasimeno - 2 Volumes
015067: GARIS, FREDERIC DE - We Japanese: Being Descriptions of Many of the Customs, Ceremonies, Festivals, Arts and Crafts of the Japanese, Besides Numerous Other Subjects.
015024: GARRETT, VALERY M. - Chinese Clothing: An Illustrated Guide
015132: DORA MONIOUDIS-GAVALA - The City of Chios: Society, Town Planning, Architecture
014913: GEERLINKS, MARGI - Crafting Humanity
014854: GÉNARD, P. - Anvers a Travers Les Ages: 2 Volumes Complete
014845: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY & FLINT, W. RUSSELL: ILLUSTRATOR - Canterbury Tales of Geoffrey Chaucer: Volume Three - Limited Edition Nr 82 of 500
014842: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY & FLINT, W. RUSSELL: ILLUSTRATOR - Canterbury Tales of Geoffrey Chaucer: Volume One - Limited Edition Nr 82 of 500
015125: GEVERS, A.J., MENSEMA, A.J. - De Havezaten in Salland En Hun Bewoners
015178: GINSBERG, ALLEN - T.V. Baby Poems
015258: GLASHEEN, ADALINE - A Census of Finnegans Wake
014897: GERLACHE DE GOMERY, ADRIEN DE - Résultats Du Voyage de la Belgica En 1897-99 Sous le Commandement de A. De Gerlache de Gomery Rapports Scientifiques Publiés Aux Frais Du Gouvernement Belge Sous la Direction de la Commission de la Belgica Fragments Du Recit de Voyage
014963: GORMAN, HERBERT S - The Procession of Masks - Signed & Numbered Copy
014828: CHOISEUL-GOUFFIER, MARIE-GABRIEL-FLORENT-AUGUSTE DE - Carte de la Grèce Moderne: 1782 - Map of Greece
014847: GRAY, RONALD - FOREWORD HERBERT RUTLEDGE SOUTHWORTH - The Spanish CIVIL War: Catalogue 55 Hammersmith Books
014884: GREBENAU, H. - Die Internationale Rheinstrom-Messung Bei Basel, Vorgenommen Am 6. - 12. November 1867. Ein Beitrag Zur Theorie Und Praxis Der Wassermessungen an Grösseren Flüssen.
015215: GRIMSHAW, BEATRICE - From Fiji to the Cannibal Islands
015127: GUTKIND , CURT SIGMAR - Das Buch Der Tafelfreuden: Aus Allen Zeiten Und Breiten Gesammelt
014969: RIFFIN, MARTIN I. J. JR.; POPKIN, RICHARD H. (ANNOTATED BY) & LILA FREEDMAN (EDITOR) - Latitudinarianism in the Seventeenth-Century Church of England
015095: VERLINDEN, H. ET BAETSLE, R. - Guide Pratique de Fabrication de Levure Pressée Et de Distillerie
014952: HAAK, S.P. - Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt: Bescheiden Betreffende Zijn Staatkundig Beleid En Zijn Familie - 3 Delen
014972: HALLAM, HENRY - The Constitutional History of England: From the Accession of Henry VII to the Death of George II: 3 Vols, Complete
014873: HAMILTON, PATRICK - WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY J.B. PRIESTLEY - Twenty Thousand Streets Under the Sky
014881: HAMILTON, PATRICK - Unknown Assailant
014879: HAMMERTON, J.A. - EDITED BY - Peoples of All Nations: Their Life Today and the Story of Their Past - 7 Volumes Complete
014850: HASSAN, SELIM PROF PH.D - The Sphinx: Its History in the Light of Recent Excavations
014857: HAUG, EMILE - Traité de Géologie: 2 Tomes En 3 Volumes
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015074: SOTHEBY'S - The Van Veen Collection of Children's Books and Juvenilia: 3 Volumes Complete
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014898: STEBBING, REV. HENRY - The Pictorial Edition of the Book of Common Prayer: According to the Use of the United Church of England and Ireland. Together with the Form and Manner of Making, Ordaining and Consecrating Bishops, Priests and Deacons. Illustrated with Many Hundreds
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015166: TANIZAKI, JUNICHIRO - Seven Japanese Tales
015279: TANIZAKI, JUNICHIRO - Childhood Years: A Memoir
014835: TAYLOR, THE REVEREND MATTHEW - England's Bloody Tribunal, or, Popish Cruelty Displayed : Containing a Compleat Account of the Lives, Religious Principles, Cruel Persecutions, Sufferings, Tortures, and Triumphant Deaths of the Most Pious English Protestant Martyrs............... . .
015118: AL-THA'ALIBI [AL-THAALIBI], ABU MANSUR 'ABD-AL-MALIK - TRANSLATED BY C. E. BOSWORTH - The Book of Curious and Entertaining Information the Lata'If Al-Ma'Arif of Tha'Alibi.
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014888: TRUMBLE, ALFRED - DICKENS, CHARLES - In Jail with Charles Dickens
015197: TSELIKAS, AGAMEMNON - INTRODUCTION - Travelling Among the Cyclades Islands: 16th-19th Century Illustrated in Old Engravings
015138: TSULTEM, N - Development of the Mongolian National Style Painting "Mongol Zurag" in Brief
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014812: UNKNOWN - The District Railway Map of London - 1892
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015268: UNKNOWN - Original Map of the London Underground: 1958
014955: UNKNOWN - Cantate - Menü Und Universal - Lexikon Der Bowlen - Und Punschkochkunst Für Vergnügte Buchhändler Und Deren Freunde
014849: UNKNOWN - Compagnie Du Chemin de Fer Du Bas-Congo Au Katanga : Inauguration de la Ligne Port Francqui-Bukama - Juillet 1928
014990: UPDIKE, JOHN - ILLUSTRATED BY MICHAEL DEAS - The Witches of Eastwick - Signed Copy
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015226: HATZIKONSTANTINOU, VASSILIS & POLITIS, NIKOS - Palaio Faliro 1900-1960: Photos from the Archive of Nikos Politis
015253: VEEN, ANNEKE VAN. - Pieter Oosterhuis. 1816-1885
014862: VENOSA, ROBERT (TEXT BY TERENCE MCKENNA) - Robert Venosa Illuminatus
015088: VONNEGUT, KURT - Deadeye Dick
015200: VONNEGUT, KURT - Hocus Pocus
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015066: ROSENBACH A.S.W - Books and Bidders : The Adventures of a Bibliophile
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014946: WARD, LYND - God's Man: A Novel in Woodcuts by Lynd Ward
014829: WARD, EDWARD - The London Spy Compleat in Eighteen Parts: The First Volume of the Author's Writings
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014887: WIDGERY, DAVID - DESIGN RUTH GREGORY & ANDY DARK - Beating Time: Riot 'n' Race 'n' Rock 'n' Roll
014924: WIEL, ALETHEA - Two Doges of Venice: Being a Slight Sketch of the Lives and Times of Tomaso Mocenigo and Francesco Foscari
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015165: WILSON, COLIN - Adrift in Soho: A Novel.
015233: WILSON, COLIN - Ritual in the Dark
015026: WOLLSTONECRAFT, MARY - A Vindication of the Rights of Woman: With Strictures on Political and Moral Subjects
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