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1570620830: - - Ling Ch'i Ching. A classic Chinese oracle. Translated by Ralph D. Sawyer & Mei-chun Lee Sawyer
0834800608: P. G. O'NEILL - Japanese Names; A Comprehensive Index by Characters and Readings
20170008: AARTS, HERMAN - Twee in Een : 's Nachts Zingen de Vogels Niet + Liefde Kent Vele Wegen
149: ADELINE, JULES - Hippolyte Bellange et son oeuvre
1013: BARBER, G.G. ED. - Book Making in Diderot's Encyclop?die . A Facsimile Reproduction of Articles and Plates
1829: BATAILLE, GEORGE - De tranen van Eros
Copi: IRVING M. COPI & ROBERT W. BEARD (EDS) - Essays on Wittgenstein's Tractatus
1006: BOE, GUY DE & VERHAEGHE, FRANS ED. - Urbanism in Medieval Europe. Papers of the 'Medieval Brugge 1997' Conference Volume I
10588: BORGES, JORGE LUIS - Fictions
Dantiq22: BRENNER, THOMAS AND TRESS, ARTHUR - Paisajes del Deseo
1340: BRYERS, PAUL - In a Pig's Ear (Uncorrected Proof)
9025468829: BALDASAR CASTIGLIONE - Het boek van de hoveling
90533338837: GABRIELLE DORREN - Eenheid en verscheidenheid. De burgers van Haarlem in de Gouden eeuw
9055151165: MARGUERITE DURAS - Dat is alles. Het afscheid van een schrijfster. [C'est tout]
00254: TRHOMASA DWORZAK - Kaukasus
E: ELSSCHOT - Villa des roses
253: GUIDOBALDI, FEDERICO - Il complesso archeologico di San Clemente
1090: GUNSTON, BILL - technical directory of today's maor warplanes
1385: HEYWARD, DU BOSE - Mamba's Daughters (With Jacket)
144: J.H. JONGKEES - Studies on old St. Peters (Archaeologica Traiectina edita ab Academiae Rheno-Traiectinae Instituto Archaeologico, VIII).
133: JUSTI, LUDWIG - Marees, Menzel, Bocklin
0262112000: J. A. SCOTT KELSO - Dynamic patterns. The self-organization of brain and behavior
1043: WARREN F. KIMBALL (EDITOR) - Churchill & Roosevelt: The Complete Correspondence. Three Volumes. I. Alliance Emerging October 1933 - November 1942; II. Alliance Forged November 1942 - February 1944; III. Alliance Declining February 1944 - April 1945
ind10: C.G. VATTIER KRAAME - 25 jaar N.I.S.H.M.
245: REN? LABAT - Manuel d'?pigraphie Akkadienne (Signes, Syllabaire, Id?ogrammes)
214: LAFOND, PAUL - Roger van der Weyden
1771: LEE, STAN - Damage Control Vol 3. No 2 July
65: GEORG LIEBE - Das Judentum in der deutschen Vergangenheit (Die deutschen Stande in Einzeldarstellungen, Band II)
1736: MALONEY, TOM - U.S. Camera 1957
b-k-g011: MAYER MARTIN - Wall street:men and money
b-k-gang-26: AKEHURST MICHAEL - A modern introduction to international law
C: REMCO CAMPERT / ERWIN OLAF - Acht waterschetsen
0091066719: SGAM.PO.PA (HERBERT V. GUENTHER TRANSLATOR) - The jewel ornament of liberation
1: CENTRE NATIONAL DE RECHERCHES D'HISTOIRE RELIGIEUSE - Monasticon Belge, complete serie volumes 1 t/m 7
0521218217: COLIN A. RONAN - The shorter science and civilisation in China. An abridgement of Joseph Needham's original text. Volume 1: Volumes I and II of the major series
1388: SINCLAIR, UPTON - Money Writes (with Wrapper)
1019: SHINKICHI TAJIRI - Shinkichi Tajiri : Autobiographical Notations - Autobiography Words and Images Paintings Sculptures Printed Matter Photography Paperworks Computergraphics
906: HERDEG WALTER - Graphis Diagrams. The Graphic Visualization for Abstract Data. Die graphische Visualisierung abstrakter Gegebenheiten. La visualisation graphique de donn?es abstraites.
1442: WARNET, SUSAN - The Letter of Credit
10558: WEBB, KATHERINE - The English Girl
1130: WEDGWOOD, C.V. - William the Silent. William of Nassau, Prince of Orange 1533-1584
896-W: WOOD, JONATHAN - Rolls-Royce een legende die voortduurt