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43544: - Follies voor de Floriade 1992/ Een paviljoen in Arcadië. Geschiedenis van de follie. Biennale jonge Nederlandse architecten.
80838: - Cinema Actuel. No. 7.
109161: - Mustergültig. Globale Spuren in der lokalen Ikat-Mode. Museum der Kulturen Basel.
109163: - Deutsche Mythen seit 1945. Object histories connected with individual myths supplement the richly illustrated texts. Exhibition: Zeitgeschichtliches Forum, Leipzig/ Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Bonn.
102999: - Le château de Versailles en 100 chefs-d'oeuvre. The Palace of Versailles through 100 Masterpieces. A travers la présentation de chefs-d'oeuvre emblématiques du château de Versailles, rassemblés de manière exceptionnelle, ce livre offre la résidence royale dans toute sa richesse et sa diversité. Cette richesse, ce sont les peintures, sculptures, boiseries, meubles ou objets d'art, de la plus haute qualité artistique, tous sortis des ateliers des plus grands créateurs des XVIIe' et XVIIIe siècles, ceux qui ont fait Versailles et assuré son rayonnement.
28932: - Kijken naar de werkelijkheid. Amerikaanse hyperrealisten. Europese realisten.
108612: - Mawonero/Umbono. Moderne und Zeitgenössische Kunst in Simbabwe.
106532: - Wie Leben? Zukunftsbilder von Malewitsch bis Fujimoto. Gestern und Heute. Wie wollen wir leben? Wie wollen wir wohnen? Wie wollen wir arbeiten? Wir konstruieren unser Bild der Welt und die damit verbundenen Hoffnungen für unsere Zukunft immer wieder aufs Neue.
106726: - Homebase. Das Interieur in Der Gegenwartskunst.
106722: - B1/ A40 Die Schönheit der großen Straße/ the Beauty of the Grand Road 2014.
21062: - Een vergelijking van het Burgelijk en het Militair strafrecht. Repetitie-dictaat voor de Adelborsten van Administratie.
24999: - Documenta 6.
69946: - Expressionisme Van Gogh tot Picasso.
81751: - De Tsjechische Avantgarde en het boek.
41635: - Photographie 1930.
97892: - The magazine of the institute of contemporary arts Oct' 1968 No.7.
105369: - Tamschick Media+Space. Immensive Narrative Installations 1994-2014. Two decades of experimental multimedia scenography: illustrated by 30 international award-winning projects, the successful Berlinbased studio Tamschick Media+Space provides an insight into the art of converting contents and objects into a three-dimensional, accessible, holistic experience of space by means of multimedia projections and of creating a lasting dramaturgical experience. Elaborate development processes are presented by means of comprehensive series of images and drafts: for example for Treasure Mainshow (Expo Shanghai), The Ting (Oslo), Time Machine (Wuxi), Kingdom of the Shadows (Trier) and Experience Frontiers (Biel).
102868: - Eat & Go. Branding & Design Identity for Takeaways & Restaurants.
100721: - Show & Tell. Architektur sammeln/ Collecting Architecture. Architektur Museum München.
95654: - Das Buch der Bücher. dOCUMENTA (13). Katalog 1/3.
81035: - Documenta III. Volume I: Malerei Skulptur. Volume II: Handzeichnungen.
108677: - Black Mountain Research. Black Mountain College in North Carolina is legendary. Here, the greatest artists of the 20th century taught using revolutionary approaches and their influence on the development of the arts and academic teaching methods in the second half of the 20th century.
108222: - Vitamin P. New Perspectives in Painting.
107400: - Hooglied. Met CD.
97891: - The magazine of the institute of contemporary arts July 1968 No.4.
100682: - Landscape Architecture. A New Point of View.
28007: - Het Nieuwe Bouwen: Voorgeschiedenis/ Previous History.
77099: - American Pop Art. Stedelijk Museum 364.
107517: - Avantgarde I 1900-1923/II 1924-1937: Russisch-sowjetische Architektur/ Sowjetische Architektur.
77187: - Jong Amerika schildert. Stedelijk Museum 194.
85609: - Amerika schildert. Stedelijk Museum Catalogus nr. 74.
90672: - Art Works. Deutsche Bank Collection Group Head Office, Frankfurt.
105196: - Radically Modern. Urban Planning and Architecture in 1960s Berlin.
107726: - Et tous ils changent le monde. Analyse: John Armleder et Olivier Mosset exposent une Rampe des kateboard. Deuxième diennale d'art contemporain, Lyon.
103170: - Beyond Tradition: Chinese Contemporary Ink.
59555: - Rotterdam waterstad 2035. Internationale Architectuur Biennale Rotterdam 2005.
77618: - Van Gogh Museum Journal 2002.
84817: - Vals of echt?
101641: - Voortbouwen + DVD. Gouden piramide 2014, rijksprijs voor inspirerend opdrachtgeverschap.
102803: - Von Poussin bis Monet: Die Farben Frankreichs. Bucerius Kunst Forum.
102822: - Berlin Biennale 8: Excursus.
23330: - Documenta 8 Kassel 1987, 21 Juni - 20 Sept.
101221: - Neoclassicisme & Biedermeier uit de Collecties van de Vorst van Liechtenstein.
80839: - Puber Alles. No. 6.
108724: - Lasst Blumen sprechen! Say it with flowers! Blumen und künstliche Natur/ Flowers and artificial nature since 1960.
101057: - Divisionismus: Beherrschte Farbe? Ungebändigte Farbe! Fondation Pierre Arnaud.
67115: - 50 ans d'art moderne.
47915: - Documenta 4. Internationale Ausstellung 27. Juni bis 6. Oktober 1968.
23331: - Documenta IX Kassel 1992, 13 Juni - 20 Sept. Band I: Essays Band 2: Biographien A-K. Band 3: Biographien L-Z + Kurzführer.
102138: - Verhandelingen over de aanslibbing der haven van Amsterdam en de afdamming van Pampus. Met eene kaart.
90827: - Zwischenbilanz/ Interim Account. Die Kunstsammlung der Deutschen Bundesbank. The Art Collection of the Deutsche Bundesbank.
95886: - Van Picasso tot Tápies. Hoogtepunten van de Spaanse kunst in de twintigste eeuw uit de collectie van het Nationaal Museum voor Kunst en Cultuur Reina Sofía.
39976: FORTUYN/ O'BRIEN. - Fortuyn/ O'Brien. Works and projects.
102760: AA, GERBET VAN DER. - Terug naar Timboektoe. Een reis naar de Toearegs in Mali.
109118: AAFTINK, CHRISTEL. - Veranderend Amsterdam: Amsterdam in Paintings. Nederlands/ Engelse tekst.
100346: AALTEN, THOMAS VAN. - Leeuwenstrijd. Familieroman.
101499: AANTREKKER, GUIDO DEN. - De kinderhater. Roman.
56752: AARSMAN, HANS. - Vrrooom! Vrrooom! Text in Dutch & English.
106093: ABATE, MICHELE; LARNER, MELISSA; NASSO, CLAUDIO; - Faces in the Crowd. Picturing Modern Life from Manet to Today. “The apparition of these faces in the crowd; petals on a wet, black bough.” Ezra Pound Pound’s celebrated haiku powerfully evokes the situation of the individual in the metropolis: personalities suspended in a moment within the life of the city. The Whitechapel Gallery, London and Castello di Rivoli in Turin, Italy organized Faces in the Crowd as an exploration of this condition of modernity seen in realist art, especially art of the human face and form. The exhibition and its catalog trace a history of avant-garde figuration from a new perspective. Taking Manet’s The Masked Ball at the Opera as its starting point, the book focuses on his contemporaries such as Degas and then moves through the twentieth century to artists of today. Some artworks represent a dramatic rupture with the past proposing radical and innovative modern forms and structures. Others picture modern life or its impact on our inner selves. Others consider art as an agent for further social change. All the works include critical and bibliographical entries, plus a selection of extracts from historical documents and artists writings from the 19th-century to today. Taken together this art fully illuminates its theme in which representations of the human figure are seen as expressions of modernity.
109041: ABBOTT, EDWIN ABBOTT. - Flatland. A Romance of Many Dimensions.
108870: ABÉLARD, PIERRE. - Gesprek tussen een filosoof, een jood en een christen.
105719: ABELL, NANNA, DAHLGREN, JACOB & ELMGREEN & DRAGSET. - Skulptur: Contemporary Sculpture from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.
109170: ÅBERG, LARS; STRANDBERG, LARS; - Floating in Sausalito. Floating in Sausalito is a lavish large-format photo-book that tells the unique story of the vibrant houseboat community outside San Francisco, California, where the original hippie culture meets today's more affluent alternative lifestyle.
108330: ABICHT, LUDO - De bijbel. Een vrij zinnige lezing.
101107: ABRAHAMSE, JAAP EVERT & CARASSO-KOK, MARIJKE. - De verbeelde wereld. Liber amicorum voor Boudewijn Bakker. ISBN 9789068684940
36794: ABRAHAMSE, JAAP EVERT & JOLLES, ALLARD. - Oostelijk Havengebied Amsterdam. Stedenbouw en architectuur.
105760: ABRAMOVIC, MARINA & CELANT, GERMANO. - Public Body: Installations and Objects 1965-2001. EXCLUSIVE: With graphite drawing by Abramovic on flyleaf!
78753: ABRIOUX, YVES & FINLAY, IAN HAMILTON. - Ian Hamilton Finlay. A visual primer. With introductionary notes and commentaries by Stephan Bann.
108748: ABSPOEL, PETER. - Zingeving in het Westen. Traditie, strijdersethos en christendom. Zingeving in het westen beschrijft drie zingevingspatronen - traditie, het strijdersethos en het christendom - die tot op de dag van vandaag bepalend zijn voor het westerse leven.
104587: ACCARDI, CARLA & ZEVI, ADACHIARA. - Carla Accardi. English text.
106085: ACCONCI, VITO, AYCOCK, ALICE & OPPENHEIM, DENNIS. - Machineworks. Vito Acconci, Alice Aycock, Dennis Oppenheim.
87743: ACCONCI, VITO. - Making Public/ Openbaar maken. The writing and reading of public space/ Het lezen en schrijven van openbare ruimte.
87738: ACCONCI, VITO. - Vito Acconci: Catalogue of Headlines & Image. With inlay of Dutch translation (Hoofdlijnen & verschijningsvormen). Stedelijk Museum Catalogus nr. 647.
81236: ACCONCI, VITO, ANDRE, CARL & AYCOCK, ALICE & MANY OTHERS. - Door beeldhouwers gemaakt/ made by sculptors. Stedelijk Museum Catalogus nr. 642.
157: ACHTERBERG, GERRIT. - Verzamelde gedichten.
52285: ACHTERHUIS, HANS & SPERNA WEILAND, J. E.A. (RED.) - Denkers van nu.
109314: ACHTERHUIS, HANS. - Lof en troost van de filosofie. Rede gehouden bij het afscheid als hoogleraar Wijsbegeerte aan de Universiteit Twente op 7 juni 2007.
108857: ACHTERHUIS, HANS & BUUREN, MAARTEN VAN. - Erfenis zonder testament. Filosofische overwegingen bij de tien geboden.
107354: ACHTERHUIS, HANS & SPERNA WEILAND, J. - Denkers en religie.
23351: ACHTERHUIS, HANS. - Werelden van tijd.
75659: ACKERMAN, JAMES S. - The Architecture of Michelangelo.
106610: ADAM, JOHANNA; GIESE, NICOLE; GAUSSI, JEANNO; - Jeanno Gaussi: Pieces.
106123: ADAM, HUBERTUS, JEHLE-SCHULTE STRATHAUS, ULRIKE & URSPRUNG, PHILIP. - Theo Hotz Architecture 1949-2002. Text in English and German.
78248: ADAM, HANS-CHRISTIAN. - Edward S. Curtis 1868-1952. Text in German, English & French
98222: ADAMSON, GLENN. - Industrial Strenght Design: How Brooks Stevens Shaped your World. Milwaukee Art Museum.
102907: ADAMSON, WALTER L. - Embattled Avant-Gardes. Modernism's Resistance to Commodity Culture in Europe.
108237: ADLER, ESTHER; CURRY, KATHY; - American Modern: Hopper to O'Keeffe. The Museum of Modern Art is known for its prescient focus on the avant-garde art of Europe, but in the first half of the twentieth century it was also acquiring work by Stuart Davis, Georgia O’Keeffe, Charles Sheeler, Alfred Stieglitz, and other, less well-known American artists whose work sometimes fits awkwardly under the avant garde umbrella. American Modern presents a fresh look at MoMA’s holdings of American art from that period. The still lifes, portraits, and urban, rural, and industrial landscapes vary in style, approach, and medium: melancholy images by Edward Hopper and Andrew Wyeth bump against the eccentric landscapes of Charles Burchfield and the Jazz Age sculpture of Elie Nadelman. Yet a distinct sensibility emerges, revealing a side of the Museum that may surprise a good part of its audience and throwing light on the cultural preoccupations of the rapidly changing American society of the day.
103406: ADOLPHE, JEAN-MARC; APERGHIS, GEORGES; GYPENS, GUY; DALOZE, GENEVIÈVE; - Rosas: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. Als en slechts als verwondering.
102784: ADRIANI, GÖTZ & IRRGANG, JUDITH. - 40|10. 40 Jahre Sammlung - 10 Jahre Museum Frieder Burda. German text.
102388: ADRIANI, GÖTZ & HÜTTE, FRIEDHELM. - ...Höhere Wesen befehlen...Arbeiten auf Papier aus der Sammlung Frieder Burda.
107922: ADRICHEM, JAN VAN & MARTIS, ADI. - Reflecties. Reflecties op de collectie van het Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.
100587: ADRICHEM, CORRIE VAN. - Willem Penaat: Meubelontwerper en organisator (1875-1957).
12968: ADRICHEM, JAN VAN. - De ontvangst van de moderne kunst in Nederland 1910-2000. Picasso als pars pro toto.
101857: AERTS, JEROEN & BOTZEN, WOUTER A.O. - Climate Adaptation and Flood Risk in Coastal Cities.
105231: AESCHT, ERNA & RIDLER, GERDA. - Mythos Schönheit: Facetten des Schönen in Natur, Kunst und Gesellschaft. Landesmuseum Linz.
103544: AGAMBEN, GIORGIO - Profanaties.
17979: AGEE, JAMES & EVANS, WALKER. - Let Us Now Praise Famous Men. Three Tenant Families. The American Classic, in words and photographs.
108322: AGTMAEL, ANTOINE VAN & BAKKER, FRED. - Hier wordt de toekomst gebouwd. Innovatie-hotspots en de terugkeer van de maakindustrie.
108513: AITKEN, DOUG. - Doug Aitken: Electric Earth. The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.
108477: AKKERMAN, PHILIP, ANDRIESSE, ERIK & BIRZA, ROB. - Stop making sense - Nederlandse schilderkunst uit de jaren '80.
85611: AKKERMAN, BEN. - Ben Akkerman.
109201: AKKERMAN, STEVO. - Het klopt wel maar het deugt niet. De maatschappelijke moraal in het nauw.
107856: AKKERMANS, MARIJN. - Marijn Akkermans: Back then, the world was bigger. Texts: Gudrun Bott & Doede Hardeman.
80769: ALADOGAN, EYLEM. - Army Of Me.
107735: ALAGBÉ, YVAN. - Le cheval sans tête volume 5: Nous sommes les Maures.
80821: ALANSO, ADEL, SARASUA, JOSU & MEANA, JUAN CARLOS. - Hacia una nueva sensibilidad.
101292: ALBERS, FRANK. - Caravantis. Roman.
105801: ALBERS, JOSEF. - Josef Albers Museum Bottrop.
106912: ALBRECHT, DONALD & MELLINS, THOMAS. - Only in New York: Photographs From Look Magazine. The Museum of the City of New York.
108403: ALBU, CHRISTIAN & UECKER, JACOB. - Reflections on the Self from Dürer to Struth.
93697: PHILIPS VAN MARNIX VAN SINT-ALDEGONDE. - The First Known Auction Catalogue. Catalogue of the Library of Philips van Marnix van Sint-Aldegonde. Sold by Auction (July 6th) Leiden, Christophorus Guyot, 1599. Introduction by G.J. Brouwer.
99165: ALDRIDGE, MILES & O'BRIEN, GLENN. - Acid Candy.
98179: ALECHINSKY, PIERRE, APPEL, KAREL & JORN, ASGER. - Post Cobra: Alechinsky Appel Jorn. German/ English text.
101214: ALEX, WILLIAM & TATUM, GEORGE B. - Calvert Vaux: Architect & Planner.
16917: ALEXANDER, BROOKE/ CALDENBORGH, JOOP VAN & DERCON, CHRIS ET AL. - Caldic Collectie. Imagine, you are standing here in front of me. Tentoonstellingscatalogus.
106452: ALEXIE, SHERMAN. - Over ruggen van zalmen. Samengesteld, vertaald en ingeleid door Annmarie Sauer.
107734: D'ALFONSO, MADDALENA. - Disegnare nelle città. Un viaggio in Portogallo. Fotografie di Gabriele Basilico. Progetti di Alvaro Siza, OMA/ Rem Koolhaas and Ellen van Loon a.o.
108464: ALIAGA, GLORIA CORTÉS. - Chile mestizo. Tesoros coloniales.
104363: DANTE ALIGHIERI. - The Divine Comedy 2: Purgatorio: Translated and edited by Robin Kirkpatrick.
15238: DANTE ALIGHIERI. - De goddelijke komedie. Vertaald door Christinus Kops O.F.M. Opnieuw uitgegeven door Gerard Wijdeveld.
3053: DANTE ALIGHIERI. - De goddelijke komedie. Vertaald, ingeleid en toegelicht door Frans van Dooren. Oorspronkelijke titel: La divina commedia. * Ambo-Olympus.
105645: DANTE ALIGHIERI. - Dante, ein offenes Buch.
107973: ALILI, ROCHDY. - De islam uitgeled aan mijn dochter.
108839: D'ALISA, GIACOMO, DEMARIA, FEDERICO & KALLIS, GIORGOS. - Ontgroei. 'degrowth': een vocabulaire voor een nieuw tijdperk.
81648: ALISANKA, EUGENIJUS. - Uit het archief van ongeschreven brieven. Tweetalig: Litouws-Nederlands. Met opdracht van de dichter.
107761: ALISON, JANE. - Colour After Klein. Re-thinking Colour in Modern and Contemporary Art. Barbican Art Gallery.
99783: ALKEMA, WOBBE. - Wobbe Alkema in de collectie van het Groninger Museum.
55578: ALLAN, MACHTELD. - Hoe te beminnen. Filosofen over seks.
106155: ALLAN, J. & RAPSON, E.J. - A Catalogue of the Indian Coins in the British Museum. 3 Volumes. Catalogue of The Coins of the Andhra Dynasty the Western Ksatrapas the Trai Kutaka Dynasty and the Bodhi Dynasty Catalogue of the Coins of the Gupta Dynasties and of Sasanka, King of Gauda. Catalogue of the Coins of Ancient India.
66210: ALMA, PETER. - P. Alma. 225.
108113: ALMOND, DARREN. - Darren Almond. English text.
60072: ALNAES, KARSTEN. - De geschiedenis van Europa Deel IV. 1900 - heden. Onbehagen.
102783: ALONSO, PEDRO & PALMAROLA, HUGO. - Monolith Controversies. Pavillon of Chile at the 14th International Architecture Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia.
109425: ALPERS, SVETLANA. - The Vexations of Art. Velázquez and Others
108470: ALSAEDY, QASSIM. - Good Morning Baghdad!
109346: ALTCAPPENBERG, HEIN-TH. SCHULZE. - Sandro Botticelli. The Drawings for Dante's Divine Comedy.
107243: ALTENA, PETER & GERRITSEN, WIM. - Van Abelard tot de Zwaanridder. Literaire en historische personages uit Middeleeuwen en later tijd, met hun voortleven in de kunsten.
108631: ALTHAMER, PAWEL A.O. - Common Affairs, Contemporary Art from Poland. Revisiting the Views Award. Common Affairs presents current work by artists who have won or were nominated for the Views Prize in the past 15 years. Featured artists include Tymek Borowski, Karolina Bregula, Rafal Jakubowicz, Robert Kusmirowski, Anna Molska, Karol Radziszewski and Janek Simon.
92088: ALTHAMER, PAWEL & BEUYS, JOSEPH U.A. - Asche und Gold/ Ashes and Gold. Eine Weltenreise/ A World's Journey. Marta Herford Museum/ Museum Schloss Moyland.
105608: ALTHÖFER, HEINZ & HARRISON, CHARLES. - 1900-1919: The Avant-garde Movements. Art of the Twentieth Century.
107173: ALVAREZ, AL - Risky Business. People, Pastimes, Poker and Books. Al Alvarez's writing career has come in many guises. One of the most influential post-war critics, he has written profoundly and eloquently about writers and their craft for over fifty years. As the Observer'spoetry editor he introduced British readers to the new poetry of the fifties and sixties, most famously of course to the poetry of Sylvia Plath. But Alvarez has also been a passionate amateur of risky pursuits - poker playing, mountaineering, flying in old aeroplanes - and he has written about these subjects with a rare depth, liveliness and perception. Risky Businessis a selection of Alvarez's finest essays. Ranging from trenchant literary criticism to accounts of polar expeditions and poker championships, it is a sparkling and eclectic collection from our most unusual man of letters.
102816: AMELUNXEN, HUBERTUS VON. - Steve Sabella Works 1997-2013. Akademie der Künste, Berlin. English ed.
88637: AMERSFOORT, H. & BLOM, HANS. - Belaagd & belegerd.
12237: AMIDON, STEPHEN. - De nieuwe stad. Vertaald door Gideon den Tex.
77867: AMMANN, JEAN-CHRISTOPHE. - Crossart: De Van Gogh à Beuys/ From Van Gogh to Beuys. Chefs- d'oeuvre de l'art moderne de dix musées allemands et néerlandais/ Masterpieces of Modern Art from Ten German and Dutch Museums. French/ English ed.
68955: AMMERLAAN, ROBBERT, E.A.. - De laatste van mijn demonen. Voor Hugo Claus.
82889: AMORALES, CARLOS. - Carlos Amorales: Discarded Spider.
107403: ANBEEK, CHRISTA & BRAGT, JAN VAN. - Voorbij goed en kwaad? Christendom en boeddhisme.
107602: ANBEEK, CHRISTA. - Aan de heidenen overgeleverd. Hoe theologie de 21ste eeuw kan overleven
5328: ANBEEK, TON. - Na de oorlog. De Nederlandse roman 1945-1960. * Synthese.
87193: ANBEEK, TON. - Geschiedenis van de Nederlandse literatuur. 1885-1985.
103198: ANDERSEN, TROELS & GRIGORIEVA, KSENIA. - Art et poésie Russes 1900-1930. Textes choisis.
101270: ANDEWEG, AGNES & WESSELING, LIES. - Wat de verbeelding niet vermag! Essays bij het afscheid van Maaike Meijer.
32343: ANDRE, CARL, FLAVIN, DAN & NAUMAN, BRUCE A.O. - The Future of the Object! A Selection of American Art; Minimalism and After.
105747: ANDRE, CARL, BASELITZ, GEORG & BEUYS, JOSEPH. - Standing Sculpture. A cura di Rudi Fuchs, Johannes Gachnang, Francesco Poli. Italian text.
105752: ANDRE, CARL. - Carl Andre: Sculpture 1959-1977. Text by David Bourdon. Foreword by Barbara Rose. Travelling exhibition catalogue.
108121: ANDRE, CARL, BARRY, ROBERT, HUEBLER, DOUGLAS, KOSUTH, JOSEPH, LEWITT, SOL, MORRIS, ROBERT & WEINER, LAWRENCE. - Carl Andre Robert Barry Douglas Huebler Joseph Kosuth Sol Lewitt Robert Morris Lawrence Weiner. Originally published by Siegelaub/Wendler in 1968. Republished in December 2015 on the occasion of the exhibition Seth Siegelaub: Beyond Conceptual Art at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.
109192: ANDRE, CARL. - Three Works on Land 1979. Angellipse, Timbering, Quadrill. Project, Manhattan Psychiatric Center, Wards Islands, New York, N.Y./ Creedmoor Psychiatric Center, Queens Village, N.Y.
108718: ANDRES-ACEVEDO, SARAH-KATHARINA & OTTOMEYER, HANS. - Invention und Vollendung: Kunstwerke des 18. Jahrhunderts.
60752: ANDREUS, HANS. - Verzameld proza.
100910: ANDRIALAVIDRAZANA, MALALA. - Echoes From Indian Ocean.
86799: ANDRIESSE, PAUL. - In-Between.
76497: ANDRIESSE, ERIK, ANDRIESSE, PAUL & EYCK, ZSA-ZSA. - Fast Forward. Monoprints en grafiek van Erik Andriesse. Deluxe edition, numbered, in an edition of 100 copies with loosely inserted etching, entitled Papavers. This 19/100.
92605: ANDRIESSEN, HANS, ROS, MARTIN & PIERIK, PERRY (RED.). - De grote oorlog. Kroniek 1914-1918. Deel 9.
103806: ANDRIESSEN, HANS, ROS, MARTIN & PIERIK, PERRY (RED.). - De grote oorlog. Kroniek 1914-1918. Deel 5.
20263: ANDRIESSEN, HANS, ROS, MARTIN & PIERIK, PERRY (RED.). - De grote oorlog. Kroniek 1914-1918. Deel 3.
91953: ANG, TIONG & POL, BIK VAN DER A.O. - On Mobility. Text by Dirk van Weelden.
98754: ANGERLEHNER, HEINZ J.. - Museum Angerlehner. Eine Privatsammlung wird öffentlich.
108706: ANGUS, PATRICK. - Patrick Angus: Paintings and Drawings.
94618: ANISIMOV, ALEKSANDER. - Architectural Guide to Moscow.
108035: ANKERSMIT, FRANK. - De historische sensatie. Inaugurale rede.
104623: ANNIBALI, MANUELA (CURATOR). - Mediterraneo 2008. Villa Rufolo, Ravello. Perna Foundation. Text in Italian and English.
75276: ANSELMO, GIOVANNI & AMMANN, JEAN CHRISTOPHE (TEXT). - Giovanni Anselmo. Kunsthalle Basel, 18. Marz bis 22. April 1979. Text in German, English and Italian.
100987: ANZINGER, SIEGFRIED. - Siegfried Anzinger. Bank Austria Kunstforum Wien. German text.
69812: APOLLINAIRE, GUILLAUME. - De vermoorde dichter. Vert. door Rein Bloem.
95526: ARAGNO, BONIZZA GIORDANI. - Callaghan 1966. The birth of Italian pret-a-porter.
99889: ARAKAWA, SHUSAKU. - Derrriere le miroir 252. Text in French and English.
107649: ARBUS, DIANE. - Diane Arbus: A Chronology 1923-1971.
107669: ARBUS, DIANE. - Magazine Work. With Texts by Diane Arbus. Essay by Thomas W. Southall. Edited by Doon Arbus and Marvin Israel. Exhibition catalogue.
93905: ARBUS, DIANE. - Diane Arbus: Eine Monographie. German ed.
90982: ARBUS, DIANE. - Zeitschriften Arbeit. Mit Texten von Diane Arbus und einem Essay von Thomas. W. Southall. German text.
108095: ARCHER, MICHAEL - Art Since 1960: The Real and Its Object; 2. The Expanded Field; 3. Ideology, Identity and Difference; 4. Postmodernisms; 5. Assimilations; 6. Globalization and the Post-Medium Condition.
105324: ARCHIPENKO, ALEXANDER, CHAGALL, MARC & HESSE, EVA U.A. - Tel Aviv Museum of Art Visits Berlin: Modern and Contemporary Art.
98648: HPP ARCHITEKTEN. - HPP Architekten: Balance. German text.
107948: ARCUCCI, DANIEL & MARADONA, DIEGO. - Met de hand van God.
106065: ARETS, WIEL & FAIFERRI, MASSIMO. - Wiel Arets. Opere e progetti.
106702: ARÉVALO, JORGE - Portraits: Illustrious People. A gorgeous collection of caricaturesque portraits of the people you love from music, fashion and film in the style of the portraits by Arévalo you know from Vanity Fair, The Newyorker, Rolling Stone, Esquire, Elle, Icon, Parade Magazine and Vogue.
108547: ARGOD, PASCALE - The Art of Sketching. 400 Years of Travel Diaries. Travel and sketch diaries tell us something about the experience gained through searching for the other and for oneself.
5946: ARISTOTELES. - Lof van de wijsbegeerte. Vertaald, ingeleid en van aantekeningen voorzien door Cornelis Verhoeven.
108910: ARISTOTELES. - De eerste filosofie - Metaphysica Alpha. Vertaald, ingeleid en van aantekeningen voorzien door Carlos Steel.
28935: D'ARMAGNAC, BEN & WILDE, EDY DE. - Ben d'Armagnac. Stedelijk Museum Catalogus nr. 683.
4005: ARMANDO. - Berlijn. Samenstelling Trudie Favié.
8532: ARMENTA, AMIRA. - Een nieuwe tong. Omgaan met meertaligheid.
107621: ARMSTRONG, KAREN. - Mohammed. Een westerse poging tot begrip van de islam.
18929: ARNOLDUSSEN, PAUL & OTTEN, JOLANDE. - De Borrel is schaarsch en kaal geworden. Amsterdamse horeca 1940-1945.
104182: ART & LANGUAGE & HIRST, DAMIEN A.O. - Dark Matter: Art & Language; Katharina Fritsch; Felix Gonzalez-Torres; Mark Grotjahn; Damien Hirst; Gary Hume; Ellsworth Kelly; Damian Ortega; Ad Reinhardt; Richard Serra; Hiroshi Sugimoto; Gavin Turk; Andy Warhol; Cerith Wyn Evans.
107356: ARTAUD, ANTONIN. - Dans om de anatomie. Vertaling en nawoord: Minne Buwalda.
109392: ARTAUD, ANTONIN. - Antonin Artaud - dessins.
66832: ARTAUD, ANTONIN. - Van Gogh, de zelfmoordenaar door de maatschappij. Vertaling en nawoord Jules Dister. * Fragmenten nr. 5.
77344: ARTIGAS, GARDY. - Sculptures - Reliefs.
91057: ARTSCHWAGER, RICHARD & COPLEY, WILLIAM A.O. - Exile on Main St. Richard Artschwager, William Copley, Steve Gianakos, Alfred Jensen, Peter Saul, John Tweddle, John Wesley, H.C. Westermann, Joe Zucker. Inlay with Dutch summary and extra epehemera about the exhibition.
34285: ASBECK, GEERT VAN (EDITED) & ELLEGOOD, ANNE (TEXT). - Home / Life. 121 Kids from 11 cities photographs the world.
100890: ASCH, HANS VAN. - Troebel landschap.
109156: ASCHER, FRITZ. - The Expressionist/ Der Expressionist Fritz Ascher. To Live is to Blaze with Passion/ Leben ist Glühn.
108400: ASHTON, DORE. - À Rebours. La Rebelión Informalista/ The Informal Rebellion [1939-1968]. Spanish/ English.
105248: ASSCHER, MAARTEN. - Het uur der waarheid. Over de gevangenschap als literaire ervaring.
99338: ASSCHER, MAARTEN. - Appels en peren. Lof van de vergelijking.
108784: ASSEM, MARJOLIJN VAN DEN. - De taal van de dooiwind/ Die Sprache des Tauwinds/ The language of the thawing-wind Text in Dutch/ English & German.
105500: ASSER, ELI. - Alles is meegenomen.
109178: ATEM, GEN - Gen Atem. Meditated Vandalism. A Zen monk who sprayed graffiti on subway cars, threw paint at celebrities and worked with Rammellzee, Swiss street artist (born 1967) Gen Atem is the wild pioneer of the European urban art movement. His latest work is presented in this book.
108396: ATKINS, GUY & JORN, ASGER. - Asger Jorn: The crucial years 1954-1964. A Study of Asger Jorn's artistic development from 1954 to 1964 and a catalogue of his oil paintings from that period.
105646: ATTERSEE, CHRISTIAN LUDWIG. - Christian Ludwig Attersee: Das Mosaik.
108676: ATTIA, KADER; GÖRNER, KLAUS; - Kader Attia: Sacrifice and Harmony. This catalogue for the exhibition Kader Attia: Sacrifice and Harmony brings together a wealth of materials, images, and texts on the new works of the French artist.In addition to transcriptions of various interviews from the large video installation Reaso.
107473: AUBERT, DANIELLE, CAVAR, LANA & CHANDANI, NATASHA. - Thanks for the View, Mr Mies: Lafayette Park, Detroit.
39901: AUBRY, FRANÇOISE & HORTA, VICTOR. - Horta. Architect van de Art Nouveau.
103990: AUDOIN-ROUZEAU, STÉPHANE; BECKER, ANNETTE; MERTENS, INEKE; - '14-'18. De Grote Oorlog opnieuw bezien.
108558: AUER, BARBARA; BRANDL, ANDREA; EHRMANN-SCHINDLBECK, ANNA-MARIA; - Bettina Van Haaren: Punctured Glades/ Waldwasen durchlöchert. Combining collage-like self-portraits with old-master-style examinations of props from her studio, Bettina van Haaren (born 1961) creates carefully observed works on human perception. This monograph presents her work from the last four years.
109216: AUPING, MICHAEL & GRETENKORT, DETLEV. - Georg Baselitz: Paintings 1960-2000. Italian/ English text.
100590: AUPING, MICHAEL. - Francesco Clemente. English text.
108670: AUST, STEFAN & BERG, RAINER. - Inszeniert. Deutsche Geschichte im Spielfilm. Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland.
56453: AUSTER, PAUL. - De New York Trilogie. Broze stad/ Schimmen/ De gesloten kamer.
42433: AUSTER, PAUL. - Het rode notitieboekje. Vertaald door Ton Heuvelmans. Jaarwisselingsgeschenk 1995-1996.
98355: AUSTER, PAUL. - Bericht vanuit het innerlijk.
83240: AUSTER, PAUL. - Onzichtbaar. Roman.
107448: AUWERA, FERNAND - Willem Elsschot. Biografische schets van de Vlaamse schrijver (1882-1960).
39034: AVICENNA. - Leerdicht der geneeskunst. Ingeleid en vertaald door M.M.J. Reyners.
109256: AYALA, FRANCISCO J. - De grote vragen - Evolutie.
107796: AYAS, DEFNE, HOARE, NATASHA & KLEINMAN, ADAM. - Art in the Age of ...
70561: AYRES, TIM, LAMSWEERDE, INEZ VAN & MEVIS & VAN DEURSEN (DESIGN CATALOGUE). - We're like two inflatable dolls in a hooker's bad dream. [Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam No. 1].
97714: AZAM ZANGANEH, LILA. - De Tovenaar. Nabokov En Geluk.
106646: AZOULAY, RAY; MURROW, ETHAN; - Ethan Murrow. A man caught in and behind wallpaper, a chimpanzee in a lifeboat, mountain climbers and hikers in the middle of a polar sea à la Caspar David Friedrich: Ethan Murrow (*1975 in Greenfield, Massachusetts) plays with the dimensions we are familiar with and tells a scarcely conceivable story with each of his pictures. Their references lie in personal experiences, historical sources, or in the romanticizing landscapes of the Hudson River School, from which his fantasy springs. At first glance one believes to be looking at edited black-and-white photographs, until it quickly becomes apparent that these are meticulously prepared pencil drawings. Murrow examines the boundary between the artist’s fiction and depicted reality. Yet this volume deals not just with his pencil drawings-for the first time, one can also marvel at the extensive works he magically conjures on walls with a ballpoint pen.
107568: 75B. - 75B LAX. With card laid-in with dedication by the artists of 75B.
107427: BAAIJENS, ARITA. - De woestijn als passie. Reisverslagen.
82194: BAAL-TESHUVA, JACOB. - Marc Chagall 1887-1985. Dutch text.
108884: BAAN, JELLE. - Adorno, noch einmal. Een partituur voor esthetische theorie.
99233: BAAN, IWAN & IBELINGS, HANS. - Stedelijk Architectuur. Interview met Mels Crouwel.
46586: BAAN, CHRISTINE DE. - China contemporary. Architectuur, Kunst, Beeldcultuur/ Architecture, Art, Visual Culture. Dutch/English texts.
104584: BAAR, MARINUS DE. - Order, Change and Chance in the European Perspective on Nature (1600-1800). Proefschrift.
107553: BAARSEN, R.J. & BERGE, G. VAN. - Juwelen/ Jewellery 1820-1920.
107724: BAARSEN, REINIER. - Duitse meubelen/ German furniture.
103255: BAART, THEO; SCHAAP, TON; - Building Site Enschede. A City Re-creates Itself.
66747: BAART, THEO. - Territorium.
107848: BAARTMAN, NICOLINE & MVRDV. - Boekenberg Spijkenisse. Biografie van een gebouw. MVRDV.
108655: BAARTSE, DIRK & POLAK, BOB. - Het Grote Willem Frederik Hermans Boek.
107657: BACHELARD, GASTON. - La philosophie du non. Essai d'une philosophie du nouvel esprit scientifique.
102072: BACHMANN, DIETER, SCHWARTZ, DANIEL & MAGRIS, CLAUDIO. - So Many Worlds: A Photographic Record of Our Time.
65708: BACON, FRANCIS. - Over liefde, de dood en het leven. Een keuze uit de essays.
106440: BACON, FRANCIS. - Novum Organum. Vertaling & annotatie Willem Visser.
95259: BACON, FRANCIS & PICASSO, PABLO. - Bacon Picasso: The Life of Images.
80830: BADE, DAVID, LAMSWEERDE, INEZ VAN & MIK, AERNOUT. - Spellbound. Spanish text.
104133: BADE, DAVID. - David Bade - Catch of the Day.
104286: BADIOU, ALAIN & ZIZEK, SLAVOJ. - Philosophie und Aktualität. Ein Streitgespräch.
104310: BADIOU, ALAIN. - Le concept de modèle: Introduction à une épistémologie matérialiste des mathématiques. Nouvelle édition.
107765: BADURA-TRISKA, EVA; NEUBURGER, SUSANNE - Bad painting. Good art. 'Bad Painting' uses a range of 'incorrect' or 'ugly' styles and techniques, from rejecting the perceived rules of good taste to overpainting other works of art. Includes work by such artists as Georg Baselitz, John Currin, Neil Jenney and Sigmar Polke.
108579: BAECHLER, DONALD & BOTERO, FERNANDO. - Please Touch. Sculpture for a City. This visual tour of St. Louis Citygarden one of America s most renowned sculpture gardens is an exciting introduction to the world of public art. In 2009 the city of St. Louis, MO, under the direction of the Gateway Foundation, converted two vacant parcels of land into a world-class sculpture park, housing works by revered artists such as Keith Haring, Erwin Wurm, and Niki de Saint Phalle. The park, which attracts nearly one million visitors a year, is open 24-hours a day and allows the public to touch and even climb on the works. Many of the park s extraordinary pieces are profiled, as are sculptures that have been installed in other locations throughout St. Louis. Essays exploring the history of Citygarden, the benefits of public art, and the transformative force of the nonprofit Gateway Foundation, make this volume an important contribution to the study of public art.
11265: BAECK, PHILIPPE DE & STEVENS, RUDY. - Lofts of Amsterdam. Dutch edition.
55313: BAER, RONNI E.A. - Gerrit Dou 1613-1675. Rembrandts eerste leerling. Dutch text.
107849: BAER, RONNI E.A. - Gerrit Dou 1613-1675. Rembrandts eerste leerling. Dutch text.
107635: BAER, JO. - Jo Baer. German/ English text.
91059: BAERTLING, OLLE. - Olle Baertling: A Modern Classic.
102866: BAEZA, JUAN. - Fashion Drawing Course. From Human Figure to Fashion Illustration.
107141: BAHR, EGON - Das musst du erzählen. Erinnerungen an Willy Brandt.
102135: BAILEY, COLIN B., RISHEL, JOSEPH J. & ROSENTHAL, MARK. - Masterpieces of Impressionism and Post-Impressionism: The Annenberg Collection.
108521: BAKER, STACEY. - NY Legs.
108465: BAKER, GEORGE, BAL, MIEKE, ACCONCI, VITO & BOURGEOIS, LOUISE. - Cornerstones. Which artists have laid the foundations for contemporary cultural production? Between 2008 and 2009, Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art held a monthly lecture series, posing this question to leading art historians and critics, each of whom was asked to speak on the work of an artist of their choosing.
105339: BAKER, GEORGE; GOLDSTEIN, ANN; MALTZAN, MICHAEL - Regen Projects 25. Founded by Stuart Regen in 1989 and directed by Shaun Caley Regen for the last quarter-century, Regen Projects has launched careers with its innovative and critically acclaimed exhibition program, earning a reputation for incisive vision in its representation of emergent as well as established artists worldwide. This illustrated volume presents the full run of exhibitions and projects spanning 25 years, together with archival material documenting the cultural context in which the gallery has operated, a foreword by George Baker and essays by Ann Goldstein and Michael Maltzan.
107813: BAKKER, PEDRO - Pedro Bakker: Innocent.
69142: BAKKER, JAN-HENDRIK. - Welkom in Megapolis. Denken over wonen, stad en toekomst.
104967: BAKKER, GERBEN - Ethiek en veiligheid. Of het nu gaat om de werktuigen die we hanteren of de beveiliging bij evenementen: de moderne mens wil steeds minder risico's lopen. Deze behoefte aan veiligheid brengt vele ethische problemen met zich mee. Welke prijs zijn we bereid te betalen voor onze veiligheid? Mag onze veiligheid ten koste gaan van privacy, vrijheid van meningsuiting en de veiligheid van de beveiliger? In 'Ethiek en veiligheid' leidt Gerben Bakker de lezer langs de belangrijkste ethische kwesties rondom veiligheid.
109406: BAL, MIEKE - The Mottled Screen. Reading Proust Visually. In The Mottled Screen, the author challenges the view that literary texts cannot be examined by words alone, arguing that images also play a role in the interpretation process.
101902: BAL, MIEKE. - Balthus: Works and Interviews.
109407: BAL, MIEKE - A Mieke Bal Reader. Mieke Bal has had a significant impact on every field she has touched, from Old Testament scholarship and narratology to critical methods and visual culture. This brilliant and controversial intellectual invariably performs a high-wire act at the point where critical issues and methods intersect-or collide. She is deeply interested in the problems of cultural analysis across a range of disciplines. A Mieke Bal Reader brings together for the first time a representative collection of her work that distills her broad interests and areas of expertise. This Reader is organized into four parts, reflecting the fields that Bal has most profoundly influenced: literary study, interdisciplinary methodology, visual analysis, and postmodern theology. The essays include some of Bal’s most characteristic and provocative work, capturing her at the top of her form. “Narration and Focalization,” for example, provides the groundwork for Bal’s ideas on narrative, while “Reading Art?” clearly outlines her concept of reading images. “Religious Canon and Literary Identity” reenvisions Bal’s own work at the intersection of theology and cultural analysis, while “Enfolding Feminism” argues for a new feminist rallying cry that is not a position but a metaphor.
92084: BALDACCI, PAOLO & SCHMIED, WIELAND. - Die andere Moderne: De Chirico Savinio. Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Düsseldorf/ Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus, München.
104111: BALDESSARI, JOHN. - Yours in Food, John Baldessari. With Meditations on Eating by Paul Auster, David Byrne, Dave Eggers, David Gilbert, Tim Griffin, Andy Grundberg, John Haskell a.o.
97521: BALDEWEG, JUAN NAVARRO. - Juan Navarro Baldeweg. English ed.
107888: BALDWIN, GORDON; NADAR, FELIX WARHOL, ANDY; KELLER, JUDITH - Nadar Warhol,Paris-New York. Photography and Fame. The J. Paul Getty Museum, July 20-Oct. 10, 1999; the Andy Warhol Museum, Nov. 6, 1999-Jan. 30, 2000; the Baltimore Museum of Art, March 12-May 28, 2000.
103346: BALFELT, KENNETH A. - Art as Social Practice. A Critical Investigation Of Works By Kenneth A. Balfelt.
67492: BALJEU, JOOST. - Joost Baljeu: Syntetische konstrukties. Met aantal extra ephemera over Baljeu waaronder foto's.
107751: BALKEN, DEBRA BRICKER. - Debating American Modernism: Stieglitz, Duchamp, and the New York Avant-Garde. With an essay by Jay Bochner.
107812: BALKEN, DEBRA BRICKER - Abstract Expressionism (Movements in Modern Art). In this incisive study, the curator and writer Debra Bricker Balken examines the work of the leading artists associated with Abstract Expressionism, including Willem de Kooning, Lee Krasner, Robert Motherwell, Barnett Newman, Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko. At the same time she examines the myths surrounding the movement, the variation in the motivation and practice of artists grouped by art historians under the same heading, and the role played by critics in the movement's reception, both at the time and up to the present day. Of equal value to the general reader and the art historical scholar alike, Balken's text is a valuable addition to the literature on one of the most influential of all twentieth-century art movements.
106667: BALKENHOL, STEPHAN & WALL, JEFF. - Stephan Balkenhol/ Jeff Wall: Figure on Display. Leopold-Hösch-Museum/ Papiermuseum Düren.
35772: HABAKUK II DE BALKER. - Oud Gereedschap Mensheid Moe.
109082: BALL, PHILIP - Patronen uit de natuur.
106740: BALLEN, ROGER. - Resurrected.
88105: BALTH, CAREL (CONCEPT AND REALISATION). - The Beauty of Intimacy: Lens and Paper.
87928: BALTZ, LEWIS. - Vijf projecten/ Five Projects 1983-1988.
104935: BALZER, DAVID - Curationism. How Curating Took Over the Art World and Everything Else. Now that we 'curate' even lunch, what happens to the role of the connoisseur in contemporary culture? 'Curate' has become a buzzword, applied to everything from music festivals to artisanal cheese. Inside the art world, the curator reigns supreme, acting as the face of high-profile group shows in a way that can eclipse the contributions of individual artists. At the same time, curatorial-studies programs continue to grow, and businesses are adopting curation as a means of adding value to content. Everyone, it seems, is now a curator.But what is a curator, exactly?
108964: BANCHOFF, THOMAS F. - De Vierde Dimensie: wiskunde in hogere sferen.
108531: BANGERT, CHRISTOPH - Hello Camel. 'In my experience, the two most significant characteristics of war are horror and absurdity,' says Christoph Bangert, the German photojournalist who has been documenting crises for international publications such as the New York Times for ten years. Following on from his critically acclaimed book War Porn (Kehrer, 2014, also avaialble), Hello Camel continues to disrupt the west's understanding of what war looks like. Bangert's images oppose the cliched notion that modern war is dynamic and dramatic; they are calm and composed, but equally odd and alien.
23060: BANHAM, REYNER. - Theory and Design in the First Machine Age.
107519: BANKS, ERIC - Brice Marden. Paintings on Marble. Provides a rare glimpse into the most intimate works of the internationally acclaimed artist. After visiting Greece, Marden was inspired by the islands ancient marble quarries, and created these private paintings in oil on marble fragments, a total of 32 paintings on marble, gathered together here for the first time in a single volume.. Provides a rare glimpse into the most intimate works of the internationally acclaimed artist. Matthew Marks Gallery, New York, May 8 - June 27, 2004.
102142: BANTZINGER, C.A.B. & BAUDELAIRE, CHARLES. - Les fleurs du mal. Douze poèmes. Dessins de C.A.B. Bantzinger. Illegale druk.
104791: BANVILLE, JOHN & LEMAGNY, JEAN-CLAUDE. - Manuel Alvarez Bravo. Italian text.
98401: BARBA, ROSA. - Time as Perspective. Text in English.
107875: BARBE-GALL, FRANÇOISE. - How to understand a painting. Decoding symbols in art.
100824: BARBER, TABITHA & BOLDRICK, STACY. - Art Under Attack. Histories of British Iconoclasm. ISBN 9781849760300
104789: BARBIER, NICOLE. - Camille Claudel. French text.
70401: BARBIERI, S. UMBERTO & DUIN, LEEN VAN. - A Hundred Years of Dutch Architecture 1901-2000. Trend Highlights. With supplement Calendar.
109015: BARBO, LOÏC - De Becquerel-dynastie. Pioniers in de radioactiviteit. Biografie van de generaties van de Franse familie Becquerel (negentiende-eerste helft twintigste eeuw), alle vier hoogleraar in de fysica.
105762: BARBROOK, RICHARD - Imaginary Futures. From Thinking Machines to the Global Village. Winner of the MEA's 2008 Marshall McLuhan Award for Outstanding Book in the Field of Media Ecology. A compelling, authoritative, and painstakingly documented narrative, Imaginary Futures traces the emergence of the computer era in the context of desperately competing ideologies, economics, and empires. This is a work of passionate and persuasive scholarship by a contemporary social theorist at the top of his game.
105883: BARCELÓ, MIQUEL. - Miquel Barceló: Obra sobre papel 1979-1999. Spanish text.
108420: BARENTS, ELS. - de Marseillaise. Vijftien jaar verzamelen/ fifteen years of collecting.
39808: BARENTS, ELS (RED.). - De kunst van het verzamelen. 20e-eeuwse kunst uit Nederlandse musea.
105712: BARLOW, PHYLLIDA. - Phyllida Barlow: Sculpture 1963-2015. Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh/ Hauser & Wirth.
101922: BARMAN, TOM & MOLKO, BRIAN. - dEUS. English text.
101815: BARNARD, BENNO. - Een hiernamaals. Opstellen, in memoriams.
108466: BARNET, PETER; WU, NANCY - The Cloisters. Medieval Art and Architecture, Revised and Updated Edition. Home to an extraordinary collection of treasured masterworks, including the famed Unicorn Tapestries, The Cloisters is devoted to the art and architecture of medieval Europe. This splendid new guide, published to celebrate The Cloisters' seventy-fifth anniversary, richly illustrates and describes the most important highlights of its collection, from paintings, illuminated manuscripts, and exquisitely carved ivories to its monumental architecture evocative of the grand religious spaces and domestic interiors of the Middle Ages. The Cloisters remains a testament to design innovation-a New York City landmark with sweeping views of the Hudson River-featuring original elements of Romanesque and Gothic architecture dating from the 12th through the 15th century. Three of the structures enclose beautiful gardens cultivated with species known from tapestries, medieval herbals, and other historic sources. These exotic spaces, the art masterpieces, and the fragrant plants offer visitors an oasis of serenity and inspiration. This book both encapsulates and enhances that experience.
29534: BARRY, ROBERT. - All the things I know but of which I am not at the moment thinking - 1:36 PM; June 15, 1969. Stedelijk Museum Catalogus nr. 565.
107907: BARRY, KEVIN. - Beatlebone.
19930: BART, HANNAH VAN. - De ziel gaat te paard. Text in English and Dutch by Bert Jansen & Hans den Hartog Jager.
108638: BART, HANNAH VAN. - Schijngestalten/ Illuminations. Text in English and Dutch by Hannah van Bart & Jonieke van Es.
105713: BARTA, LAJOS. - Lajos Barta: Emigration. German text.
9476: BARTELINK, G.J.M.. - Klassieke letterkunde. Overzicht van de Griekse en Latijnse literatuur, met aandacht voor de wijsbegeerte en de wetenschap.
107107: BARTEN, DICK. - Orgels en organisten in de Langedijker dorpen 1790-2007/ Het Muziekleven in de Langedijker dorpen. Ontwikkeling en veranderingen in de periode 1860-1941.
106820: BARTEN, EGBERT. - Geoffrey Donaldson: Een leven voor de film.
109184: BARTH, NADINE - Berlin Raum Radar. Neue Architekturfotografie/ New Architecture Photography. Berlin Raum Radartraces Berlin’s urban morphology-chronicling the cityscape’s numerous permanent changes and the upheaval of entire districts since the city’s reunification-by compiling over 80 works from the past 15 years by Tacita Dean, Mitch Epstein, Robert Polidori and many others.
100883: BASELITZ, GEORG. - Hintergrundgeschichten. Galerie Neue Meister, Dresden.
109397: BASELITZ, GEORG. - Escultura frente a pintura - Sculpture versus Painting. Texts in English and Spanish.
85435: BASELITZ, GEORG. - Schilderijen/ Paintings 1960-83. Stedelijk Museum Catalogus nr. 703.
106035: BASELITZ, GEORG. - Malelade. Exhibition catalogue, reprint of an artist book printed by Michael Werner, Cologne, 1990.
107780: BASILICO, GABRIELE. - Berlino. Testi Hans Ulrich Obrist, Stefano Boeri. Italian text.
85421: BASQUIAT, JEAN-MICHEL. - Basquiat. Fondation Beyeler, Riehen/ Basel, May 9 - September 9, 2010. German text.
103177: BASQUIAT, JEAN-MICHEL, CHAISSAC, GASTON, DUBUFFET, JEAN & TORRES GARCIA, JOAQUIN. - Jean-Michel Basquiat Gaston Chaissac Jean Dubuffet Joaquin Torres-Garcia. Text: Michael Peppiatt. English/ French text.
10124: BASSANI, GIORGIO. - De tuin van de familie Finzi-Contini. Roman.
105763: BASSIL, KARL & MAASRI, ZEINA. - Mapping Sitting: On Portraiture and Photography. Fondation Arabe pour l'image.
104388: BASSIRI, BIZHAN. - Bizhan Bassiri: Il pendio/ The Slope. Text in Italian and English.
104387: BASSIRI, BIZHAN. - Bizhan Bassiri. Text in Italian and English.
10956: BASTET, FRÉDÉRIC. - Al die verloren paradijzen ... Van & over Louis Couperus. T.g.v. de 75ste verjaardag van Bastet werden zijn verspreide publicaties over Couperus bijeengebracht in dit boek
109297: BASTIAANSEN, PETER. - Huh? De geïllustreerde encyclopedie van de kunst van het denken.
106865: BASUALDO, CARLOS, BATTLE, ERICA F & TOMKINS, CALVIN. - Dancing Around the Bride: Cage, Cunningham, Johns, Rauschenberg, and Duchamp.
53100: BATAILLE, GEORGES. - Theory of Religion.
106686: BATE, DAVID - Art Photography. In the last decade, interest in photography has exploded. Among the most compelling and popular art forms, photography is now recognized as central to the development of modern and contemporary art. In this accessibly written survey, art photography comes alive through a series of frames--from documentary style and pictorialism to archives, narratives, and the conceptual uses of the medium. David Bate traces major developments and themes from the earliest days of photography, in the 1830s, to the present day, examining the many ways in which photography and art have intersected since the birth of the medium. Featuring works from a wide and international group of artists--including Henry Fox Talbot, Roger Fenton, Lee Miller, Brassaï, Robert Frank, Nan Goldin, Ed Ruscha, and Gillian Wearing--this comprehensive volume uncovers the Anglo-American and European contexts of art photography, as well as the Asian, African, and Middle Eastern perspectives.
98773: BAUCHERON, ÉLÉA & ROUTEX, DIANE. - The Museum of Scandals. The Art that Shocked the World.
26039: BAUDELAIRE, CHARLES. - De salon van 1846. Vertaling en nawoord Frans van Woerden.
80772: BAUER, MARC. - Tautology.
106567: BAUER-FRIEDRICH, THOMAS - Otto Dix in Chemnitz; Katalog zur Ausstellung in Chemnitz, Kunstsammlung Chemnitz, 13.11.2011-15.4.2012.
104988: BAUMAN, ZYGMUNT - Wat is het nut van sociologie? Gesprekken met Michael Hviid Jacobsen en Keith Tester. Interviews met de bekende socioloog.
80054: BAVELAAR, HESTIA & BARENTS, ELS. - Shinkichi Tajiri beeldhouwer sculptor.
102322: BAVINCK, DOROTHEE & FORTUYN, MARIA. - Abri het bushaltehuisje. ISBN 9789090270005.
109308: BAVINCK, HERMAN. - Geloofszekerheid. Teksten ingeleid en geannoteerd door Henk van den Belt.
107601: BAX, MARTY. - Albrecht Dürer in de Nederlanden. Een reisverslag.
101224: BAYAT, SOHRAB & JONG, AD DE. - Beeld Hal Werk, 2010. Nederlandse beeldhouwkunst/ Dutch Sculpture.
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109244: BEEK, LEO - Pioniers van de wetenschap. Van Boerhaave tot en met Zernike. De grootste Nederlandse natuurwetenschappers passeren de revue. We komen Gerard Mercator tegen en Simon Stevin, Herman Boerhaave en Frits Zernike. Maar ook de Nederlandse Nobelprijswinnaars komen aan bod. Hendrik Lorentz bijvoorbeeld, of Pieter Zeeman. Stuk voor stuk prominente geleerden die een onmisbare bijdrage hebben geleverd aan de wetenschap. Aan de hand van korte biografieën maken we kennis en ontdekken we waar ze ook alweer zo bekend van waren. Levensloop en wetenschappelijke loopbaan van prominente Nederlandse en Vlaamse geleerden.
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108430: BEEKMAN, KLAUS, VRIES, JAN DE - Avant-garde and Criticism. Avant-Garde and Criticism sheds new light on the complex aims, functions, practices and contexts of art-criticism in relation to the European avant-garde. Although many avant-garde works and the avant-gardes of various countries have been analyzed, considerably less attention has been given to the reviews in newspapers and journals on avant-garde literature, art, architecture and film. This volume of Avant-Garde Critical Studies will look at how art critics operated in a strategic way. The strategies of avant-garde criticism are diverse. Art critics, especially when they are artists themselves, attempt to manipulate the cultural climate in their favour. They use their position to legitimize avant-garde concepts and to conquer a place in the cultural field. But they are also markedly influenced by the context in which they operate. The position of fellow-critics and the ideological bias of the papers in which they publish can be as important as the political climate in which their criticism flourishes. The analysis of avant-garde art criticism can also make clear how strategies sometimes fail and involuntarily display non-avant-garde characteristics. On the other hand traditionalist criticism on the avant-garde offers new insights into its status and reception in a given time and place. This volume is of interest for scholars, teachers and students who are interested in the avant-garde of the interbellum-period and work in the field of literature, art, film and architecture.
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109011: BELLONE, ENRICO - Galilei. Leven en werken van een onrustige geest.
108727: BELTING, HANS - Hieronymus Bosch: Garden of Earthly Delights. Now available in a new edition, this book explores Hieronymus Bosch's masterpiece Garden of Earthly Delights. Few paintings inspire the kind of intense study and speculation as Garden of Earthly Delights, the world-famous triptych by Netherlandish master Hieronymus Bosch. The painting has been interpreted as a heretical masterpiece, an opulent illustration of the Creation, and a premonition of the end of the world. In this book, renowned art historian Hans Belting offers a radical reinterpretation of the work, which he sees not as apocalyptic but utopian, portraying how the world would exist had the Fall not happened. Taking readers through each panel, Belting discusses various schools of thought and explores Bosch's life and times. This fascinating study is an important contribution to the literature and theory surrounding one of the world's most enigmatic artists.
107512: BELTRAMINI, GUIDO; PADOAN, ANTONIO; - Andrea Palladio. The Complete Illustrated Works. Undoubtedly one of the most accomplished architects of the Renaissance, Andrea Palladio (1508-1580) is also the most widely imitated. Drawing inspiration from classical architecture, he created harmoniously proportioned villas and palaces in the Italian Veneto region. The influence of his work was wide-ranging, inspiring stately homes across Europe and America, including Thomas Jefferson's Monticello. Because of the extent of the impact of his work, it is difficult to determine which buildings are true Palladios those actually designed by him and completed in his lifetime. Andrea Palladio: The Complete Illustrated Works catalogs the body of work truly belonging to Palladio. All 66 works definitively attributed to Palladio are lavishly illustrated here with over 250 contemporary photographs by Pino Guidolotti, and accompanied by extended captions that provide historical and architectural references and document their current condition. The author has also included references from Palladio's famous treatise The Four Books of Architecture. With a brilliant introduction by architectural historian Howard Burns and a comprehensive bibliography of works on Palladio edited by Almut Goldhahn, this beautifully written and sumptuously illustrated compendium is a must for architectural enthusiasts and historians alike. Andrea Palladio: The Complete Illustrated Works catalogs the body of work truly belonging to Palladio.
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106328: BENDER, BASJE - Brussel. Elvie is zevenentwintig en werkt in Brussel, waar de Uapéros in het Frans zijn en het bier met een scheutje grenadine wordt gedronken. Het leven in de bubble van Europese ambtenaren en lobbyisten bevalt haar prima. De mannen met wie ze uitgaat beschouwt ze als niet meer dan onderhoudende passanten, die etentjes betalen en de avonden vullen. In de weekends maakt Elvie lange wandelingen en observeert ze de stad en de mensen. Brussel voelt als de ultieme ontsnapping: de recepties, het netwerken en de zwervers op straat kunnen Elvie niet echt raken.Als ze in een galerie de Vlaamse tekenares Camille ontmoet, lijkt het evenwicht te worden verstoord. Zij weet iets in Elvie wakker te roepen: een gevoel, interesse, fascinatie zelfs. Er ontwikkelt zich een vriendschap zo licht en mooi als een zeepbel, maar ook net zo kwetsbaar.
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107343: BERGER, JOHN - Selected Essays. Spanning more than forty years of work, this collection of essays, gathered from the author's previous collections--including Toward Reality, The Look of Things, and The Sense of Sight, among others--reflects on such topics as Jackson Pollock, museums, mass demonstratons, ideologies, philosophy, and more.
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80018: BERGSON, HENRI. - Matière et mémoire. Essai sur la relation du corps a l'esprit.
108651: BERGSON, HENRI - Henri Bergson: Key Writings. This volume brings together generous selections from his major texts: Time and Free Will, Matter and Memory, Creative Evolution, Mind-Energy, The Creative Mind, The Two Sources of Morality and Religion and Laughter. In addition it features material from the Melanges never before translated in English, such as the correspondence between Bergson and William James. The volume will be an excellent textbook for pedagogic purposes and a helpful source book for philosophers working across the analytic/continental divide.
107923: BERGVELT, JOYCE. - Formosa voorgoed verloren. Historische roman over de VOC op Taiwan.
108137: BERK, ANNE. - In search of meaning. Mensbeelden in globaal perspectief.
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105979: BERKERS, MARIEKE; BOSMA, EGBERTUS JACOBUS; - Schiphol megastructuur. Ontwerp in spectaculaire eenvoud. Overzicht van de ontwikkeling van de infrastructuur, architectuur, interieurdesign en bewegwijzering die samen de megastructuur van Schiphol vormen.
107229: BERKHOFF, KAREL C. - Motherland in Danger. Soviet Propaganda during World War II. Berkhoff addresses one of the most neglected questions facing historians of the Second World War: how did the Soviet leadership sell the campaign against the Germans to people on the home front? Motherland in Danger takes us inside the Stalinist state to witness, up close, how the Soviet media reflected-and distorted-every aspect of the war.
107054: BERKVENS-STEVELINCK, CHRISTIANE. - Erfenis Europa: toekomst van een stervende zwaan
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77397: BIASI, GUIDO. - The Veronese Trail.
77406: BIASI, GUIDO. - Guido Biasi nella mostra speciale Venezia Ieri Oggi Domani. 36a Biennale.
101621: BIDART, FRANK. - Metaphysical Dog. Poems.
106533: BIELINSKI, VERO - Brooklyn Hipsters.
101668: BIENEFELDT, ARISTIDE VON. - De avonturen van mijn rode flesje. Tzum-reeks 1.
84162: BIERENBROODSPOT, GERTI. - Baalbeck and the New Phoenicians. Paintings from the Archaeological Worlds of Lebanon.
101189: BIERENBROODSPOT, GERTI. - Bierenbroodspot: Petrascapes.
103231: BIERHALS, CHRISTINE ANNA; CHRISTINE, BIERHALS; - Green designed: Fashion. Couture. Prêt-à-porter. Street Wear. Casual. Green designed:Fashion presents more than 40 innovative fashion designers and projects that work with an ecological consciousness. In the production, the designers are oriented toward or already completely fulfil environmentally and socially sound standards. This volume shows eco-fashion in every possible variation, ranging from the small, original t-shirt collection to exclusive haute couture that lives up to the standards set by Parisian fashion icons.
94226: BIERI, PETER. - Hoe willen wij leven?
65270: BIESHEUVEL, J.M.A. - Carpe diem. Verhalen.
109070: BIHAN, DENIS LE - Brein in beeld. Op verkenning in de menselijke hersenen.
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108934: BIRCH, HAYLEY. - 50 inzichten scheikunde. Onmisbare basiskennis
27603: BIRNEY, ALFRED. - Oost-Indische inkt. 400 Jaar Indië in de Nederlandse letteren.
80810: BIRZA, ROB. - Digital Treble Discoveries-Unplugged.
47992: BIRZA, ROB. - Cold Fusion. Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam 23 september - 26 november 2000.
106979: BISCHOFBERGER, MAGNUS. - Prehistory to the Future. Highlights from the Bischofberger Collection/ Dalla preistoria al futuro. Capolavori dalla Collezione Bischofberger.
68135: BISSIÈRE, ROGER. - Bissière.
108556: BLACK, JEREMY - Visions of the World. A History of Maps. From before the age of printing to modern satellite imaging, Visions of the World tells the compelling story of the cartographers, explorers, and surveyors who have mapped our earth. It’s a fresh and beautifully illustrated book, not limited to the traditional Eurocentric view but also aware of different cultures across the globe. What it reveals is fascinating, because maps not only provide a glimpse of how societies view themselves in relation to the world, they also can be tools to distort knowledge, fool enemies, or build and administer empires. View the world through ancient eyes, in the wake of Columbus, during the age of empire, and through the heyday of commerce and imperialism-before examining the revolutions in our own time.
12241: BLACK, MARY. - Old New York in early photographs. 196 Prints, 1853-1901 from the Collection of The New-York Historical Society. * Dover Books on Architecture.
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88092: BLACKBURN, SIMON. - De grote vragen. Filosofie.
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108384: BLUM, DIETER - Dieter Blum: Cowboys. The First Shooting 1992. The wide horizon of the prairie on which the sun sets, galloping horses and laid-back cowboys swinging lassos: these are the images that give the myth of America visual form, make it both visible and palpable. Unlike any other contemporary artist, the German photographer Dieter Blum (born 1936) has explored and updated this subject. The 60 photographs in his series Cowboys, which were taken in 1992 for Marlboro Cigarettes, testify to this and are assembled for the first time in their entirety in this volume. The myth of the “lonesome cowboy” is ruptured in a humorous way and replaced by a “worker” who pursues everyday activities in a team-stands at the bar, reads the newspaper, washes laundry, skis, takes a bath.
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103309: BORTEL, PAULUS VAN. - Wij en de media. Kritische reflecties over media, waarheid & vertrouwen. Naarmate de informatie toeneemt neemt het oordeelsvermogen af', zei Jean-François Lyotard ooit. Vandaag evolueren de media in een razendsnel tempo: met Facebook, Twitter en allerhande blogs worden we permanent geïnformeerd over het wel en wee van anderen en willen anderen informatie verzichzelf met ons delen. Niet zelden roept deze overvloed aan informatie vragen op over de relevantie en de betrouwbaarheid van deze informatiestromen.
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107300: BOUTELLIER, HANS - Solidariteit en slachtofferschap. De morele betekenis van criminaliteit in een postmoderne cultuur. Studie waarin de schrijver aantoont dat de morele betekenis van criminaliteit zich steeds meer manifesteert als de moraliteit van slachtofferschap en slachtofferhulp.
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22552: BRAND, JAN E.A. - De Woorden en de Beelden/ The Words and the Images. Tekst en beeld in de kunst van de twintigste eeuw/ Text and image in the art of the twentieth century. Bilingual catalogue to accompany the Exhibition Nachtregels/Nightlines.
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17149: BREDERODE, DÉSANNE VAN. - Mijn denken is een hartstocht. Een bloemlezing uit de filosofie van de negentiende eeuw.
90079: BREDEROO, NICO J. E.A. - Oog in oog met de spiegel.
35908: BREGSTEIN, PHILO & BLOEMGARTEN, SALVADOR (SAM.). - Herinnering aan Joods Amsterdam. Met een voorwoord van Job Cohen.
106684: BREGUET, EMMANUEL; CHAPMAN, MARTIN; - Breguet. Art and Innovation in Watchmaking. This dazzling exploration of the work of renowned horologist Breguet is also a fascinating look at what makes watches and other timepieces tick. Abraham-Louis Breguet invented many of the standard components of today's most prestigious watches, earning the title The Father of Modern Horology. The self-winding watch, the gong spring, the first shock-protection device, and the enameled dial--all were created by Breguet. In addition, he invented the first travel clock, sold to Napoleon Bonaparte in 1798, and the first wristwatch, delivered to Caroline Murat, queen of Naples in 1812. Perhaps Breguet's most famous timepiece is the Marie-Antoinette pocket watch, which took forty years to make and was the most complex watch of its time. This fascinating, elegantly designed volume features more than seventy watches and clocks that were constructed by the Breguet company, and it contains many insights into the inner workings that made these objects so innovative and valuable. Engaging essays explore Breguet's personal history, the technologies he perfected, and his vast international reputation--which survives to this day. This beautiful overview of Breguet's achievements will speak to anyone who treasures their watch--whether as an indispensable daily accessory, or as a prized piece of jewelry.
12746: BREITNER, G.H., VEEN, ANNEKE VAN & BERGSMA, RIETA E.A. - G.H. Breitner. Fotograaf en schilder van het Amsterdamse stadsgezicht. Dit boek verschijnt tegelijk met de gelijknamige tentoonstelling in het Gemeentearchief Amsterdam 21 februari t/m 27 april 1997.
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22300: BRETON, ANDRÉ. - La beauté convulsive.
21259: BRETTELL, RICHARD R. - Impressionisme. De vrijheid van de losse toets.
109165: BRETZ, SIMONE & HAGNAU, CAROLA. - Deutsche und niederländische Hinterglasmalerei vom Mittelalter bis zur Renaissance.
51791: BREUER, MARCEL. - Architettura 1921-1980. A cura di Alberto Izzo e Camillo Gubitosi. Text in Italian & English.
106536: BREUER, ROMANA. - Radio Days: Tube Radios, Design Classics, Internet Radio.
88696: BREUKEL, KOOS. - Cosmetic view.
109363: BREUKER, PH. H.; JANSE, A. - Negen eeuwen Friesland-Holland. Geschiedenis van een haat-liefdeverhouding.
106410: BREUKERS, CHRÉTIEN. - De zomer haalt nog één keer uit. Gedichten.
103845: BREUKERS, CHRÉTIEN. - Lot. Roman.
103427: BREUKERS, CHRÉTIEN. - Boeken die ik 12 jaar niet heb gezien. Leesmemoires.
107533: BREWARD, CHRISTOPHER & WOOD, GHISLAINE. - British Design from 1948: Innovation in the Modern Age.
95876: BRINK, LARS VAN DEN & HEEL, TOM VAN. - Olympisme. Over bloed, zweet en tranen.
41638: BRINK, PETER VAN DEN & MEYERE, JOS DE (RED.). - Het Gedroomde Land. Pastorale schilderkunst in de Gouden Eeuw.
98412: BRINK, GABRIËL VAN DEN & RUIJTER, DICK DE. - Culturele kansen. Over ondernemende burgers in Amsterdam.
96781: BRINK, GABRIËL VAN DEN. - Agressieve jongeren. Over jeugd, agressie en beschaving in Nederland.
109061: BRINKE, WILFRIED TEN - De beteugelde rivier. Bovenrijn, Waal, Pannerdensch Kanaal, Nederrijn-Lek en IJssel in vorm. Het ontstaan en de ontwikkeling van de Nederlandse rivieren en de gevolgen van menselijk ingrijpen.
41903: BRÖCKLING, ULRICH E.A. - Sleutelwoorden. De actualiteit in 44 begrippen.
56949: BROCKMAN, JOHN. - Gevaarlijke ideeën. De belangrijkste denkers van nu over wat zij gevaarlijk vinden.
105793: BROCKMANN, JAN. - John Baldessari. Terskel/ Threshold Nr. 16, Februar 1996. Text in English and Norwegian.
80526: BROECK, FRANK VAN DEN. - Frank van den Broeck. [Tekeningen].
108952: BROECK, WALTER VAN DEN. - Het geneesmiddel. Werking en ontwikkeling van medicijnen.
80528: BROECK, FRANK VAN DEN. - Tekeningen, pastels, aquarellen en schilderijen/ Drawings, pastels, watercolours and paintings.
99464: BROEDELET, JOHAN W. - Hofstad. Ingeleid en samengevat door Frans van der Linden.
46649: BROEK, JOS VAN DEN. - Strandvondsten. Over de natuur van zee, strand en duin.
80837: BROEK, HANS. - Schilderijen. No. 8.
64228: BROEK, JOS VAN DEN. - Strandevolutie.
104617: BROEK, KOEN VAN DEN. - Out of Space.
108117: BROEKERS-KNOL, ANKIE & KLINK, BART VAN. - Pleitwijzer. Succesvol pleiten in de praktijk.
67114: BROEKMEIJER, JAN, VISSER, FRIGGO & ZALMÉ, RONALD. - Flora Keramiek 1945-2000. Tentoonstellingscatalogus Stedelijk Museum 's-Hertogenbosch.
108298: BROERS, VICTOR. - Waarheid, waarden & welvaart. Een nieuwe cultuur voor ons economisch denken.
109281: BROERS, NICK. - Achter Darwins horizon. Een religie voor atheïsten.
109318: BRONZWAER, MICHEL; NET, JOOST VAN DER - 500 jaar Utopia.
105075: BROOD, HERMAN & DEELDER, JULES. - Inderdaad nee. Dit is de normale editie.
20120: BROOD, HERMAN & BRIL, MARTIN. - Brood. Voorwoord Martin Bril. Samenstelling: Martijn van de Griendt & Teun van der Heijden. Ter nagedachtenis aan Herman Brood.
54354: BROOD, HERMAN. - Uncut. Boek + DVD. 90 minuten ongepubliceerde film en 12 speciale Herman Brood-verhalen.
66921: BROODTHAERS, MARCEL. - L'Entrée de l'Exposition.
44988: BROODTHAERS, MARCEL. - Marcel Broodthaers.
31083: BROOS, BEN ET AL. - Johannes Vermeer. Exhibition Catalogue. Dutch ed. Koninklijk Kabinet van Schilderijen Mauritshuis, Den Haag, 4 maart - 2 juni 1996.
96170: BRORMAN JENSEN, BORIS E.A. - Powerhouse Company. Ouvertures: The First Six Years of Powerhouse Company.
109186: BRÖRMANN, CLARA. - Clara Brörmann: Pursuit of Happiness.
101693: BROUWER, JOKE, MULDER, ARJEN & SPUYBROEK, LARS. - The Politics of the Impure.
88774: BROUWERS, JEROEN. - Joris Ockeloen en het wachten. Roman.
104124: BROWN, GLENN. - Glenn Brown.
97588: BROWN, CECILY. - Based On A True Story. Kestnergesellschaft, Hannover, GEM, Den Haag.
105898: BROWN, GLENN & FUCHS, RUDI (TEXT). - Glenn Brown.
108249: BROWN, NEAL - Tate Modern Artists. Tracey Emin. Generously illustrated, accessible, and affordable, the Modern Artists series is an essential reference for all those interested in contemporary visual culture. Art star Tracey Emin (b. 1963) first came to public attention in the 1990s with her provocative and confrontational works. After the inclusion of the controversial Everyone I Have Ever Slept With in the Royal Academys notorious Sensation exhibition and My Bed in the Turner Prize exhibition in 1999, she achieved a level of fame and notoriety unparalleled for an artist in recent times. Emins use of intensely personal, everyday materials gives her work an intimate quality, combining avant-garde ideas with feminine traditions of craft. This book presents Emins art in clear, accessible language, with full-color reproductions throughout. It provides a highly informed key to understanding one of the most hotly discussed artists at work today, responsible for some of the most iconic works of recent times. Generously illustrated, accessible, and affordable, the Modern Artists series is an essential reference for all those interested in contemporary visual culture.
104125: BROWN, GLENN & BRACEWELL, MICHAEL (TEXT). - Glenn Brown.
80766: BRUMMELEN, LONNIE VAN. - Frontyards & Backyards.
109276: BRUMMER, COEN. - Vuile handen. Michael Ignatieff en andere politiek denkers over de strijd tussen ideeën en macht.
109131: BRUNEL, PHILIPPE & VANWALLEGHEM, RIK. - Merckx. Mens & mythe.
89457: BRUS, GÜNTER. - Augensternstunden.
107738: BRUSSE, MARK. - Nuages habités. Tempera sur papier hanji.
109360: BRUTEIG, MAGNE & KUHLEMANN FALCK, UTE. - Edvard Munch: Works on Paper. Munch Museum, Oslo, 2 November 2013 - 2 March 2014.
106144: BRUYN, JEAN-PIERRE DE & MEUL, MAURICE. - De Keizerskapel te Antwerpen.
107176: BRUYNE, A. DE; HEUVES, W. - Bij nader inzien. Over kijken en psychoanalyse. Psychoanalytische essays over de betekenis van zien en gezien worden, met ontwikkelingspsychologische, theoretische en klinische bijdragen.
49005: BRYAN, C.D.B. - The National Geographic Society. 100 Years of Adventure and Discovery.
49634: BRYSON, NORMAN. - Vision and Painting. The Logic of the Gaze.
42146: BRYSON, NORMAN. - Het ongeziene in beeld. Vier essays over het stilleven.
65473: BÜCH, BOUDEWIJN. - Het geheim van Eberwein.
106157: BÜCH, BOUDEWIJN. - Een kleine blonde dood. De oerversie. Nawoord: Guus Bauer.
107784: BUCHANAN, RUTH. - Or, A Camera Or, A Building Or, A Screen.
105217: BUCHHART, DIETER. - Mathias Kessler: Nowhere To Be Found. De Kunsthal, Rotterdam.
97672: BUDÉ, FRANS. - Afrit.
104949: BÜDGEN, ANNE - Ik schrijf u nog. Gedichten.
105455: BUELENS, GEERT. - Thuis. Gedichten.
108418: BUERGEL, ROGER M.; RUTH NOACK; - Documenta Kassel 12 16/06 - 23/09 2007. Katalog/ Catalogue.
86633: BUFFET, BERNARD. - Bernard Buffet, een omstreden oeuvre.
109006: BUFFETAUT, ERIC. - Cuvier. Bedenker van de catastrofetheorie.
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67500: BUIC, JAGODA. - Jagoda Buic. Text in Duitch and English.
54415: BUIJNSTERS, P.J. - Geschiedenis van het Nederlandse antiquariaat.
107132: BUIJSSEN, HUIB; BUIS, SUZANNE - Na de klap. Gids zelfhulp voor verkeersslachtoffers en hun naasten.
99602: BULLHORST, RAINER & EGGINK, RUDOLPHINE. - Friso Kramer industrieel ontwerper.
108624: BULLOCK, NATASHA & CRAMER, SUE. - Matthys Gerber.
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98304: BURG, BENJAMIN. - Redder in nood. Roman.
103394: BURGER, PETER. - Monsterlijke verhalen. Misdaadsagen in het nieuws en webforums als retorische constructies.
108391: BÜRGI, BERNHARD. - Kunstmuseum Basel: Neubau. Deutsche Ausgabe.
109394: BURGIN, VICTOR. - Victor Burgin: Work and Commentary.
108607: BURGIN, VICTOR - Victor Burgin: objets temporels. Depuis la seconde moitié des années 1960, Victor Burgin développe une œuvre d'une rare exigence plastique autant que théorique. D'abord identifié comme l'un des acteurs majeurs de l'art conceptuel, Victor Burgin s'est employé, dans son travail articulant texte et photographie, à décoder les présupposés et les usages des images. Son œuvre fait fonds des médias de masse, du cinéma ou de la peinture aussi bien que de la littérature, de la sémiologie, de la psychanalyse ou des études culturelles. Dans les années 1990, la vidéo s'ajoute aux photo-textes et devient le médium privilégié de l'artiste. Si cet ouvrage offre une vision d'ensemble du parcours de Victor Burgin, c'est à cette pratique de vidéaste qu'il s'attache plus particulièrement. Rassemblant des écrits de l'artiste lui-même (pour la plupart inédits ou traduits pour la première fois en français), des essais critiques de Philippe Dubois, Evgenia Giannouri, Marianne Massin et Françoise Parfait, deux entretiens (l'un avec Homi Bhabha, datant de 1991, l'autre avec les étudiants du Master professionnel Métiersetartsdel'exposition, réalisé en 2007) et des notices consacrées à ses différentes vidéos, cette monographie propose une analyse approfondie de l'art de Victor Burgin et permet d'apprécier l'ampleur de ses enjeux esthétiques et politiques. C'est en effet une véritable politique de et par l'image qui se construit au fil de ses œuvres et de ses essais. Cet ouvrage documente enfin Fogliazzi, l'installation photo-vidéo que Victor Burgin a créée pour son exposition à la galerie Art & Essai de l'université Rennes 2 Haute-Bretagne (3 mai/15 juin 2007).
103056: BURKAMP, GISELA. - Rudolf Jahns. Hrsg. durch die Niedersächsische Lottostiftung.
108744: BURKHART, KATHE. - The Liz Taylor Series: The First 25 Years 1982-2007.
101010: BURMEISTER, RALF. - Weltreise. Kunst aus Deutschland unterwegs. Werke aus dem Kunstbestand des ifa 1949-heute.
108136: BURN, GORDON - Sex & Violence, Death & Silence. Encounters with Recent Art. 'The Pop artists were among the first to understand the desire of consumers to change their lives through the purchase of clean, manufactured commodities. YBA, on the other hand, was more interested in the dirt that accrues beneath the laminate surface of shiny things. Their special perception was that cheap language and cheap materials didn't have to equal cheap thinking. The trick was to tell it in a jaunty, unportentous, off-hand, unliterary - anti-literary - way. And then there were the drugs.'Spanning nearly 35 years, Sex & Violence, Death & Silence is a collection of the best of Gordon Burn's writing on art. Focusing on two principle generations - the Royal College pop art of Hockney and his contemporaries, and the YBA sensations of the 1990s - it explores how these artists rose to prominence with their friends and contemporaries, and what happened next.Burn's work is fast becoming a kind of chronicle. Its factuality always connects with the broader poetic rythms of cultural life. Displaying all his customary insight and empathy, his writing adds up to much more than a collection of pieces on art: superbly evocative and engaging, it offers a pathway through two of the most important and vibrant periods in recent art history, and is another compelling and ruminative look at our culture.
101933: BURNETT, CRAIG. - Jeff Wall. English text.
93987: BURNIER, ANDREAS. - De zwembadmentaliteit. Voorwoord Maarten Asscher.
101894: BURRI, ALBERTO, CHIA, SANDRO, CLEMENTE, FRANCESCO, CUCCHI, ENZO & FABRO, LUCIANO. - Utopia: Arte Italiana 1950-1993. Eine Ausstellung der Salzburger Festspiele in Zusammenarbeit mit The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, New York und der Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Salzburg.
102134: BURROUGHS, WILLIAM S. - Electronische revolutie.
106524: BURTON, JEAN-DOMINIQUE - Ile de Gorée Island. Ile de Gorée island L'île de Gorée a été choisie comme symbole et comme lieu de mémoire. Elle est un des sites historiques où s'est joué le destin de milliers d'Africains qui durant cinq siècles furent victimes de la traite négrière. C'est un des lieux où la Diaspora africaine trouve un espace de reconnaissance et de réconciliation. L'UNESCO a classé l'île de Gorée patrimoine mondial en 1978. Présentation en anglais Gorée island has been chosen as a symbol and a place of memory. It is one of the historic sites where the destiny of thousands of Africans was played out over five centuries, victims of the slave trade. It is a place of recognition and reconciliation for the African diaspora. UNESCO classed Gorée island as a world heritage site in 1978.
68533: BURUMA, IAN. - Het circus van Max Beckmann en andere essays.
80620: BURUMA, IAN. - Grenzen aan de vrijheid. Van De Sade tot Wilders.
100460: BUSCHENHENKE, FLOOR. - Het moeten eenhoorns zijn. Gedichten.
31857: BUSKEN HUET, CONRAD. - Een vastgeraakte lokomotief. Een portret in brieven. Uitgekozen en van aantekeningen voorzien door Olf Praamstra.
61189: BUSKEN HUET, CONRAD. - Het land van Rembrand. Studien over de Noordnederlandsche beschaving in de zeventiende eeuw.
108385: BUSONERO, FEDERICO - Federico Busonero: the Land That Remains. Commissioned by UNESCO, Federico Busonero undertook three extensive journeys through the West Bank of the Occupied Palestinian Territory between 2008 and 2009. Using a traditional film camera and unmistakably, his heart, he created pictures that illustrate culturally important, rarely seen places in the topography of the Mashriq, the Arabic places of sunrise to the east of the Nile villages and cities with extraordinary heritage, pastoral rolling hills and ancient olive groves, fertile wadi ecologies, sacred desert cemeteries, and vanishing millennial archaeological sites. A critical yet neutral gaze sheds light on the impending loss of Palestine's cultural legacy with images of today's broken history being occupied forcefully by another's reality, reflecting visions of hope sacrificed in the land that remains.
108637: BUSSCHE, WILLY VAN DEN. - Ensor en de avantgardes aan zee.
101254: BUTLER, JUDITH, HABERMAS, JÜRGEN & TAYLOR, CHARLES. - De kracht van religie in de openbare sfeer.
108665: BÜTTNER, NILS; EISMANN, SONJA; SLL, NNE; - Justyna Koeke: Prinzessinnen und Heilige/Princesses and Saints. * Koeke's Works were shown at the 2016 Berlin Alternative Fashion Week* Colorful children's drawings come to life, tailored on the bodies of ladies of advanced years. The project depicts the sometimes sad reality of getting older humorously* Pictures from Fashion shows, the retirement home and studio photography show the project in all its diversity* Inside look into a fascinating mixture of sculpture, performance and fashion Justyna Koeke transforms children's fantasies into wearable sculptures and morphs fashion shows into performances. As a child, Koeke, together with her sisters, painted her heroes - from princesses to saints. She now brings them into reality as a collection of vibrantly colorful outfits chock-full of whimsical details. These tailored fantasies are brought to life on the bodies of ladies of advanced years. The publication presents the entire project: from the child-like naive drawings, via photographs of the dressed-up models before the sterile backdrop of their retirement home, to fun-loving fashion shows - an equally humorous and critical approach to the correlation of childhood dreams and the reality of getting older, in which the unsolved issues of an increasingly ageing society invariably resonate. The art project, fluctuating between sculpture, performance and allusions to the fashion world, was presented, among other places, at the Alternative Berlin Fashion Week in March of 2016.
69140: BUUREN, MAARTEN VAN. - De innerlijke ervaring. Essays over waarneming, beeld en geheugen.
77646: BUYCK, J.F. - Floris & Oscar Jespers, de moderne jaren.
107645: BYARS, MEL - 50 Tables. Innovations in Design and Materials. 50 Tables: Innovations in Design and Materials will serve as an effective force in changing the reputation of the table as merely an utilitarian object into one of a fascinating, but still highly functional, tool for living. Through a simple, colorful graphic-design system and very little text, you will find tables that exemplify the harvest of some of the most imaginative minds in the design world today. In minute detail and description, this innovative collection reveals the panorama of types, shapes, sizes, colors and materials, particularly advanced materials. Construction and concept are illustrated through exploded drawings and hundreds of color photographs.
66964: BYARS, JAMES LEE. - The Cube Book. [The Book consists of three parts ('slices') making a cube (16 cm)], one of his perfect shapes. The book is mainly dummy with here and there a conceptual text and some illustrations by Byars]. Rare!
108563: BYERS, DAN, BISHOP, CLAIRE & COOKE, LYNNE. - The Artist's Museum. The Institute of Contemporay Art, Boston.
28596: CAEYMAEX, MARTINE. - Art Deco in Europa. Decoratieve tendensen in de toegepaste kunst rond 1925. Vereniging voor Tentoonstellingen van het Paleis voor het Paleis voor Schone Kunsten, Brussel, 5 maart - 28 mei 1989.
57078: CAGE, JOHN. - Rolywholyover. A Circus. The box includes reprint of the texts that Cage found useful and inspiring, as well as important new essays. Also with writings and letters by Cage, reproductions of works by Cage and others, musical scores, recipes, advise on healthy eating, and photographs.
99871: CAILLEBOTTE, GUSTAVE. - Gustave Caillebotte: Een impressionist en de fotografie.
103094: CALATRAVA, SANTIAGO, NICOLIN, PIERLUIGI & MEILI, MARCEL. - Santiago Calatrava: Il folle volo/ The daring flight. Quaderni di Lotus/ Lotus Documents.
103093: CALATRAVA, SANTIAGO & BLASER, WERNER. - Santiago Calatrava: Ingenieur Architektur / Engineering Architecture. With signature, dedication and pencil drawing by Calatrava.
60745: CALATRAVA, SANTIAGO. - Dynamische Gleichgewichte. Neue Projekte. Dynamic Equilibrium. Recent Projects.
104196: CALDER, ALEXANDER. - Calder 1941. Essay by Jessica Holms.
106575: CALDER, ALEXANDER & PICABIA, FRANCIS. - Transparence: Calder / Picabia. Hauser & Wirth, Zürich.
68126: CALDERARA, ANTONIO. - Antonio Calderara. With 3 coloured silkscreen prints. * Stedelijk Museum Catalogus nr.616.
35510: CALIS, PIET. - Het elektrisch bestaan. Schrijvers en tijdschriften tussen 1949 en 1951.
82844: CALIS, PIET. - Venus in minirok. Seks in de literatuur na 1945.
83785: CALLE, SOPHIE. - De Eroev van Jeruzalem.
108972: CALVINO, ITALO, BARANELLA, LUCA & FERRERO, ERNESTO. - Album Calvino. Italian text.
108045: CAMI, BEN. - Ten westen van Eden. Gedichten.
82310: CAMOËNS, LOUIS, CAMÕES, LUIZ DE, BRAMTOT, ALFRED & BORD, PAULIN. - Os Lusiadas. Edição illustrada com vinte heliogravuras em pagina seperada por Alfred Bramtot e cincoenta cinco desenhos d'esquadria e de remate especiaes a cada canto por Paulin Bord.
40191: CAMP, GEERT VAN DE, LAMERS, HERMAN, LAMERS, INE & VEN, LIDWIEN VAN DE. - Villa Constance. Last night I dreamt I went back again.
107083: CAMPBELL, JAMES - Exiled in Paris. Richard Wright, James Baldwin, Samuel Beckett and Others on the Left Bank. This is the first book to explore the English-language literary scene in Paris after World War II, including the intersecting lives of Richard Wright, Samuel Beckett, James Baldwin, and Maurice Girodias.
108451: CAMPBELL, THOMAS P. - The Metropolitan Museum of Art Guide. Ancient world - Across cultures - Europe - United States - Modern era.
98757: CAMPEAU, MICHEL. - Photogénie et obsolescence de la chambre noire argentique/ Photographic Darkroom Photogenic Obsolescence.
108524: CAMPERT, CLEO. - Festivalland.
104380: CAMPERT, REMCO. - Om vijf uur in de middag. Verhalen.
106037: CAMPOS, CRISTIAN - Plastic. Lamps and lighting systems -- chairs -- hi-tech -- kitchen and bath -- furniture -- just for fun -- architecture and interior design.
108315: CAMPS, HUGO & DAM, JOHANNES VAN. - Topkoks. Interviews met 33 chef-koks en restaurateurs.
107469: CANETTI, ELIAS. - Secret Heart of the Clock. Notes, Aphorisms, Fragments, 1973-1985.
105973: CANNELL, MICHAEL. - I.M. Pei: Mandarin of Modernism. The first biography of an amazing modern master whose architectural vision and political skill have shaped our environment. Michael Cannell reveals here the history and personality behind the enigmatic Pei, our most famous living architect. 90 black-and-white photographs.
107860: CANONNE, XAVIER - Het surrealisme in België 1924-2000.
60445: CAPA, ROBERT. - Mensen in de oorlog. Foto's van Robert Capa. * Stedelijk Museum Catalogus nr.300.
106464: CAPALINO, BORDEN. - Works 2013-2015.
108905: CAPEK, KAREL - Krakatiet. Roman. Een uitvinder komt in moeilijkheden wanneer men misbruik wil maken van zijn werk.
31867: CAPITMAN, BARBARA BAER & BROOKE, STEVEN (PHOTOGRAPHY). - Deco Delights. Preserving the Beauty and Joy of Miami Beach Architecture.
55737: CARASSO-KOK, MARIJKE ET AL. - Geschiedenis van Amsterdam II-2: Zelfbewuste stadsstaat.
105599: CARIS, GERARD. - Pentagonismus/ Pentagonism.
30026: CARIS, GERARD. - Gerard Caris. * SMA Cahiers 23. Text in Dutch and English. With extra: 2 photos of his work and letter by Caris.
102382: CARLESSO, GIANPIETRO. - Carlesso: Monografie und Werkübersicht.
104990: CARLIN, JOHN - Oscar Pistorius. Het ware verhaal van de Blade Runner.
108511: CARRON, VALENTIN - Valentin Carron. These works by Swiss artist Valentin Carron (born 1977) tackle the issue of original and copy, of what tradition and identity can be. By reproducing familiar objects from his home country using new materials, he allows space for both their iconic meaning and for irony: for example, a pristine white edelweiss is exposed as pristine white kitsch.
84474: CARSON, ANNE. - Autobiografie van rood. Gedichten.
103559: CARTARESCU, MIRCEA. - Het onmetelijke mausoleum. Vertaling Jan Willem Bos.
87174: CARTER, CURTIS L. - Jean Fautrier, 1925-1935. Stedelijk Museum Catalogus 708.
103077: CARTER, BRIAN & LECUYER, ANNETTE. - Nieuw Amerikaans: opkomend talent in de Amerikaanse architectuur.
56295: CASATI, ROBERTO. - De ontdekking van de schaduw.
109105: CASOLI, FABIENNE & ENCRENAZ, THÉRÈSE. - Exoplaneten. Op zoek naar leven buiten ons zonnestelsel.
105834: CASTELLANI, ENRICO. - Castellani e Castellani.
50802: CASTELLANI, ELENA & CASTELLANI, LEONARDO. - Feynman. Een magistraal fysicus.
97830: CASTEREN, JORIS VAN. - Het been in de IJssel.
108148: CASTRO, INÉS DE; SHIMOMURA, TOKO; WERLICH, UTA - Oishii! Essen in Japan. *Accompanies the exhibition at the Linden-Museum, Stuttgart (DE), October 15th, 2016-April 23rd, 2017 *Never before seen pieces from the Linden-Museum's collection illustrate this gem*Interdisciplinary essays inform about the Japanese culture of food and drink'Oishii!' - 'Delicious!' is the most common word in Japan to describe food. Expressing culinary taste goes hand in hand with the social and cultural identity of those eating it. Hence food is much more than nutrition; rather it is tied to all areas of human life and illustrates the various aspects of a society and its culture. Against this backdrop - and for the first time in German - renowned authors devote themselves to Japanese food and drink culture.
80807: CATE, RITSAERT TEN, MIK, AERNOUT & ROELAND, JAN. - Sandbergprijzen 1996-98.
109010: CATTANEO, MARCO - Heisenberg. Van kwantumrevolutie tot wereldformule. Biografie van de Duitse natuurkundige (1901-1976), bekend geworden door het formuleren van de onzekerheidsrelaties in de kwantumfysica.
59559: CAUTER, LIEVEN DE. - De capsulaire beschaving. Over de stad in het tijdperk van de angst. Reflect 03.
107151: CAUWELAERT, RIK VAN - Tussen de plooien. Een andere geschiedenis van België. Rik Van Cauwelaert vertelt op meeslepende wijze hoe de achterkant van de geschiedenis vaak boeiender is dan de voorkant. Wat deed de jonge Belgische dichter Léon Kochnitzky met de Italiaanse bard Gabriele d’Annunzio in Fiume.
106078: CAVELLINI, GUGLIELMO ACHILLE. - 25 quadri della Collezione Cavellini.
107315: CAWS, MARY ANN - Robert Motherwell. With Pen and Brush. Robert Motherwell was by far the most intellectual and articulate of the Abstract Expressionists. This book, written by a friend of the artist, the well-known writer and critic Mary Ann Caws, examines Motherwell’s way of thinking and writing in relation to his paintings. The artist, American by birth, yet simultaneously American and European in his way of visualizing and vocalizing artistic and philosophical traditions, always worked between these two poles, and it is this tension that imbues his œuvre with its particular intensity. The author bases her analysis of Motherwell on the artist’s own writings and readings, as well as on extensive conversations and interviews with him. She considers his work and interests in relation to those of other Abstract Expressionists as well as to the work of the Surrealists. Her book highlights his deep attraction to France and French literature and art, and his concern with the idea of elegy and the tragedy of the Spanish Civil War. His singularly American spirit provided him with a manner of painting and thinking unique among the Abstract Expressionists, as well as with a distinctive and highly personal filter through which to interpret his fascination with European literature and history.
104117: CECCOBELLI, BRUNO, DESSÌ, GIANNI & GALLO, GIUSEPPE. - San Lorenzo: Bruno Ceccobelli, Gianni Dessì, Giuseppe Gallo, Nunzio, Pizzi Cannella, Marco Tirelli. Catalogo a cura di Daniela Lancioni. Italian/ French text.
103241: CECCOBELLI, BRUNO. - Nascere dentro/ Rinascere alto.
108140: CELANT, GERMANO - The American Tornado. Art in Power, 1949-2008. This book presents essays devoted to the most powerful movements in American art from 1960-2000.
67711: CELANT, GERMANO. - Identité italienne. L'art en Italie depuis 1959. Centro Di, Florence.
21504: CELANT, GERMANO & SPECTOR, NANCY A.O. - Rebecca Horn. With extra inlay: Dutch text by Jan Debbaut on the retrospective held at Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven.
75070: CELANT, GERMANO & FRANZ, ERICH. - Francesco Lo Savio: Raum-Licht.
28456: CÉLINE, LOUIS-FERDINAND. - Dood op krediet. Vertaling en nawoord Frans van Woerden.
78630: CELLI, GIORGIO. - Lorenz. Grondlegger van de ethologie.
108930: CEPL, JASPER. - Kollhoff & Timmermann Architects: Hans Kollhoff. This volume is a complete monograph on the work of German architect Hans Kollhoff (b. 1946) and his partner, Helga Timmerman (b. 1953), with whom he has collaborated since 1984.It presents 100 buildings and projects completed by Kollhoff and his firm since the 1970s, beginning with his Project for an Analagous City of 1976 and including competitions, office and multiuse buildings, banks, apartment complexes, and urban planning. Jasper Cepl introduces this book with an investigative essay examining Kollhoff's career and theoretical direction since the late 1960s.Following the introduction are 100 projects presented chronologically, including recent work in Berlin, such as the DaimlerChrysler High-rise Building (2000), the Extension of the Pergamon Museum (2000), and the renovation of the Former Seat of the Reichsbank for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1999).
105702: CERIO, STEFANO. - Chinese Fun. English with German and Italian texts.
106318: CEUSTERMANS, CHRIS - Koude oorlogsdromen. Roman. 1988. De Koude Oorlog komt voor de naïeve student Ernst Borka erg dichtbij wanneer de politieke vluchteling György in zijn betonnen studentencomplex neerstrijkt.
99868: CÉZANNE, PAUL. - Paul Cézanne: Die Basler Zeichnungen.
54817: CHABOT, BART. - FC Dood. Autobiografische verhalen en reportages.
35883: CHABOT, BART. - Duingheest. Jaarwisselingsgeschenk 1989.
65550: CHABOT, B.E. - Sterven op drift. Over doodsverlangen en onmacht.
108017: CHABOT, BART. - Broodje totaal. Eerder verschenen onder de titel Up On The Hilton Roof.
5917: CHABOT, BART. - Babylon Hotel. Verhalen. Omslagillustratie: Herman Brood.
108671: CHADOUR-SAMPSON, BEATRIZ & HOSEGOOD, JANICE. - Barbara Cartlidge and Electrum Gallery. A Passion for Jewellery.
23911: CHADWICK, HENRY & EVANS, GILLIAN. - Atlas van het christendom.
108932: CHAMARY, J.V. - 50 inzichten biologie. Onmisbare basiskennis.
75211: CHAMPEAUX, GÉRARD DE A.O. - Introduction au Monde des Symboles.
105718: CHANG, CHIEN-CHI. - Jet Lag. Member of Magnum Photos.
51765: CHAPMAN, HUGO. - Michelangelo. De hand van een genie.
63837: CHATWIN, BRUCE. - Photographs and Notebooks. Introduction by Francis Wyndham. Designed by David King. Edited by David King and Francis Wyndham.
102026: CHEIM, JOHN & RUBINSTEIN, RALPH. - Reinventing Abstraction: New York Painting in the 1980s.
30131: CHIA, SANDRO. - Sandro Chia.
106137: CHIESA, FRANCESCO. - Die künstlerische Betätigung des Tessiner Volkes und ihr geschichtlicher Wert. Autorisierte Übersetzung aus dem Italienischen von E. Mewes-Béha.
107548: CHIHULY, DALE. - Chihuly: Glass in Architecture. Text in Japanese and English.
68128: CHILDS, BERNARD. - Bernard Childs. * Stedelijk Museum Catalogus nr.219.
104069: CHILLIDA, GONZALO. - Pintura/ Paintings. Spanish/ English text.
23074: CHIRICO, GIORGIO DE. - Mémoires. Traduction de l'italien par Martin Tassilt, revue par l'auteur. Préface de Pierre Mazars.
106911: CHIRICO, GIORGIO DE, PICABIA, FRANCIS & WARHOL, ANDY. - A Triple Alliance: Giorgio de Chirico. Francis Picabia. Andy Warhol.
81946: CHONG, ALAN & KLOEK, WOUTER. - Het Nederlandse Stilleven 1550-1720.
108388: CHONG, ALAN; ZELL, MICHAEL; - Rethinking Rembrandt. Tien essays, naar aanleiding van een in oktober 2000 in het Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston gehouden symposium met als titel RethinkingRembrandt, waarin jonge wetenschappers een nieuwe en frisse kijk op Rembrandt geven.
108230: CHRIST, HANS D., DRESSLER, IRIS & PLATINO. - Platino: Fleichtwerke und Fliehkräfte/ Interlacements and Centrifugal Forces.
101006: CHRISTIAN, BRIAN. - Een wedstrijd in menselijkheid. Wat betekent het om nu te leven.
105252: CHRISTIAN, SCHNEIDER; MÖNKEMÖLLER, DIRK; BRANDES, CATHRIN; - Geistige Getränke. Brände und Liköre, handgemacht und hochprozentig.
85596: CHRISTOV-BAKARGIEV, CAROLYN. - Arte Povera. English text.
104214: CICELYN, EDUARDO & CODOGNATO, MARIO. - Barock. Art, Science, Faith and Technology in the Contemporary Age. Napoli, MADRE, Museo D'arte Contemporanea Donnaregina.
108875: CICERO, MARCUS TULLIUS. - Over vriendschap (Laeliu vel de amicitia). Vertaald, ingeleid en van aantekeningen voorzien door W.A.M. Peters. * Ambo-Klassiek.
22569: CICERO. - De goden. Vertaald en van aantekeningen voorzien door Vincent Hunink met een inleiding van J. den Boeft. Oorspr.titel: De natura deorum. * Baskerville Serie.
50524: CIESLEWICZ, ROMAN. - Roman Cieslewicz.
101535: CÍGLER, VÁCLAV. - Gedachten in glas/ Thinking in glass. Václav Cígler en zijn school/ Václav Cígler and his school.
109238: CILIBERTO, MICHELE & GIORELLO, GIULIO. - Bruno. Priester, filosoof, vrijdenker en astronoom.
105704: CIMORELLI, DARIO; ZANOT, FRANCESCO; NAGGAR, CAROLE; OLIVARI, ALESSANDRA; - David Seymour. Catalogo della mostra (Torino, 3 aprile-14 settembre 2014). Ediz. italiana, inglese e francese/ Italian/ English/ French text. Cofounder of the Magnum agency with Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Capa, David Chim Seymour (1911-1956) was one of the most acclaimed photojournalists of the twentieth century, and a man who documented his times with a keen social conscience, always determined to be inthemiddleoftheaction. Working for leading magazines such as Life and Regards, Seymour covered the most significant events of the postwar era: the Spanish Civil War; the places and faces of a Europe ravaged by World War II; the hopes placed in the new State of Israel. He also documented a postwar Italy filled with contradictions--the rising stars of the Cinecitta Studios, the Vatican palaces and Venice, along with religious processions and the small rural schools scattered through southern Italy. This volume traces the career of this extraordinary photographer through over 120 black-and-white images.
108044: CIORAN, E.M. - Tears and Saints.
96480: CITIES (ED.). - Farming The City. Food As Tool for Today's Urbanisation.
26764: CITROEN, HANS & PEPER, BRAM. - Op grond van Rotterdam/ Digging Rotterdam. Met opdracht op schutbald van de toenmalige burgemeester van Rotterdam, Bram Peper.
103679: CLAES, BAVO. - Vijftig. Roman.
103909: CLAES, PAUL. - Kinderen van Rousseau. Een pamflet tegen de tijdgeest.
103748: CLAES, PAUL - Ziel van mijn ziel. Elegieën.
82684: CLAES, PAUL. - Sfinx. Roman.
108916: CLAIR, JEAN & BALTHUS. - Balthus. English text.
66539: CLAIR, JEAN. - Vienne 1880 - 1938. L'Apocalypse Joyeuse.
69500: CLAIR, JEAN. - Identity and alterity: figures of the body 1895/1995. La Biennale di Venezia, 46. Esposizione Internationale d'Arte. English text.
53057: CLARIJS, JOJANNEKE. - 't Spectrum. Moderne meubelvormgeving en naoorlogs idealisme.
109298: CLARK, STUART. - De grote vragen - Het heelal.
106828: CLARK, JONATHAN. - Our Shadowed Present: Modernism, Postmodernism and History.
107742: CLARK, T.J. - Le bourgeois absolu. Les artistes et la politique en France de 1848 à 1851.
108549: CLARKE, CJ. - Magic Party Place.
102389: CLAUDE, MURIEL & MERTENS, PIERRE. - à La Proue.
3774: CLAUDON, FRANCIS. - De romantische reis. Oorspronkelijke titel: Le voyage Romantique (1986). Vertaald en bewerkt door Frank de Zwager.
109063: CLEGG, BRIAN. - Het quantumtijdperk. Hoe de natuurkunde van het heel kleine onze levens heeft veranderd.
105894: CLELLAND, DOUG. - Berlin: An Architectural History. Architectural Design Profile.
102893: CLÉMENT, SERGE. - Dépaysé. French/ English text. Fotografie Forum Frankfurt.
108948: CLOSE, FRANK. - Neutrino. Nederlandse tekst.
28865: JOYCE & CO. (PS. GEERTEN MEIJSING). - Cecilia. Derde deel van de Erwin-trilogie. * Grote ABC nr.479.
109309: COCK, TOM DE. - En toen kwam jij. Waarom je niet één maar twee papa's hebt.
108202: COCKBURN, ALEXANDER; CLAIR, JEFFREY ST. - Serpents in the Garden. Liaisons with Culture & Sex. The latest in the award-winning Counterpunch series detonates an explosion of voracious, opinionated and witty fireworks on the unexpected intersections of politics, art, music, architecture and sex. This book showcases essays from the nation's most exciting and radical cultural critics.. This book showcases essays from the nation's most exciting and radical cultural critics..
61910: COEVERING, RICUS VAN DE. - Sneeuweieren.
88503: COHEN-SOLAL, ANNIE. - Leo Castelli en zijn kunstenaarskring in New York.
57517: COHEN, HAROLD. - Harold Cohen. [Computer Art]. * Stedelijk Museum Catalogus nr.628.
29127: COHEN-SOLAL, ANNIE. - Naar levend model. De opkomst van Amerikaanse kunstenaars Parijs 1867-1948.
10965: COHEN, ARTHUR A. - Sonia Delaunay. English text.
91638: COILLIE, FONS VAN. - De ongenode gast. Zes psycho-analytische essays over het verlangen en de dood.
106513: COLD, CHRISTIAN - Entasis 1995-2015. The Danish architectural office Entasis stands for a practice that focuses on people and dispenses with sensationalism. The award-winning structures designed by the small team of architects, which range from the entrance to a zoo to residential care centers, are marked by their high quality and pronounced materiality. Entasis’s design for the new district of Carlsberg on the premises of a former brewery in Copenhagen received a great deal of attention and won an international competition: a multifunctional and active district that reintroduces, even intensifies, density as we know it from the medieval city - a density that maintains a human dimension, is sustainable and enables close encounters between people. In terms of design, the monograph orients itself toward the office’s demanding aesthetics and presents documentation on the most important completed projects. Atmospheric photographs by Jens Lindhe capture the feel and the essence of the buildings.
107664: COLES, ROBERT & NIXON, NICHOLAS. - School.
107186: COLLECTION, BERG; PHILLIPS, RODNEY; LIBRARY, PUBLIC YORK NEW; - The Hand of the poet. Poems and papers in manuscript : the New York Public Library Henry W. and Albert A. Berg Collection of English and American Literature.
106871: COLLINGS, MATTHEW - This is Modern Art. Modern art today is a cow cut in half with a chainsaw, floating in a glass tank. A house cast in concrete. The London Underground map with all the station names changes - the Circle Line stations are comedians, the Northern Line stations are philosophers. A tent embroidered with the names of everyone the artist who set up the tent has ever slept with. But what does it all mean? What is Modern Art? Why do we like/hate it? Can anybody do it? Is it always modern? Who started it? In this refreshing and extremely accessible book Matthew Collings tells the story of modern art and our modern attitude to it. It combines hard information on major artists and movements - what really happened - with ordinary reflections: modern art is intimidating and unfathomable to many but Matthew Collings cuts through this barrier by asking all the kinds of questions many of us will have asked and been puzzled by. He will compare Goya to Duchamp and Picasso, Rothko to Yves Klein; he will look at the role of African tribal art in the rise of Modernism and Punk Rock in the rise of Post-Modernism. This will become a classic book of its kind, quirky, culty and great fun.
21746: COLLINGS, MATTHEW. - Sarah Lucas. Series: Modern Artists.
23700: COLLINS, PAUL. - Miskend talent. 13 studies in herontdekt obscurantisme, beroemde anonimiteit & domme pech.
46909: COLMJON, GODERT VAN. - De schaduw van Narcissus.
79912: COLMJON, GODERT VAN & HORST, LOES VAN DER. - Loes van der Horst. Met oeuvrecatalogus, tentoonstellingsoverzicht, bibliografie en biografie. Tekst in Nederlands en Engels.
109200: COMPAGNON, ANTOINE. - Klein digitaal verdriet.
92173: COMPTON, SUSAN. - Henry Moore. English text.
25399: CONINCK, HERMAN DE. - De flaptekstlezer.
18625: CONINCK, HERMAN DE. - Het Proza. Samengesteld en verantwoord door Paul de Wispelaere, met medewerking van Jeroen de Preter.
45669: CONINCK, HERMAN DE. - Vingerafdrukken.
101527: CONNER, LOIS, SPENCE, JONATHAN & BARMÉ , GEREMIE. - China: The Photographs of Lois Conner.
20107: CONRAD, PETER. - De metamorfose van de wereld. De cultuurgeschiedenis van de twintigste eeuw.
104686: CONSOLI, LUCA; WELTERS, RON; - De goede wetenschapper.
90769: CONSTANT (NIEUWENHUIS). - Aquarellen/ Watercolors 1975-1995.
109003: CONTINENZA, BARBARA - Darwin. Leven voor een idee, de evolutietheorie.
103993: CONZE, ECKART & FREI, NORBERT. - Das Amt Und Die Vergangenheit: Deutsche Diplomaten im Dritten Reich und in der Bundesrepublik.
105327: COOKE, LYNNE - Diana Thater. The Sympathetic Imagination. This book offers a mid-career retrospective of the work of Diana Thater, one of the most important and innovative artists working today. For more than two decades, Diana Thater has been creating groundbreaking installations that build upon the basic visual language of film and video by integrating architecture, applied color, and artificial and natural light. Depicting a range of natural phenomena, her work is largely organized around an exploration of the subjectivity of animals.
82853: COOLS, J.. - Paul Joostens. Retrospectieve.
107799: COOLS, GUY. - In-between Dance Culture: the migratory artistic identity of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Akram Khan.
45887: COOPER, JACKIE & MACKINTOSH, CHARLES RENNIE. - Mackintosh Architecture: The Complete Buildings and Selected Projects.
22005: COOPER, THOMAS JOSHUA. - Dreaming the Gokstadt. Northern Lands and Islands.
99667: A.D. COPIER. - Filigrane interferenti : nieuwe unica A. D. Copier.
43138: COPLANS, JOHN. - Self Portrait: Hand/Foot. Text in Dutch, English and French. Book design: 8vo, London.
108455: COPPEL, STEPHEN. - The American Scene: Prints From Hopper to Pollock.
105630: CORÀ, BRUNO & MADRA, BERAL. - Bizhan Bassiri : Sorgente - Kökenler.
104099: CORÀ, BRUNO, FUCHS, RUDI & VERHAGEN, ERIK. - Jan Dibbets. Italian/ English text.
105939: CORÀ, BRUNO. - Burri e Fontana: Materia e Spazio. Catania, Palazzo Valle. Italian catalogue
105619: CORÀ, BRUNO. - Klaus Münch. Signed and graphite drawing by Klaus Münch. Italian, English, German text.
109095: CORBOZ, YVES - Meteorologie. 100 experimenten om het weer te begrijpen.
97599: LE CORBUSIER. - Ronchamp.
109066: CORDIER, PATRICK & LEROUX, HUGUES. - Mineralen. Van de uithoeken van de kosmos tot het binnenste van de aarde.
105706: CORK, RICHARD. - Face to Face: Interviews with Artists.
92571: CORK, RICHARD. - Annus mirabilis?. Art in the year 2000.
107340: CORK, RICHARD. - New Spirit, New Sculpture, New Money. Art in the 1980s.
108462: CORN, WANDA M. - The Great American Thing. Modern Art and National Identity, 1915-1935. Avoiding well-worn discussions of style and abstraction, the author explores the rich American artscape that developed between world wars from a cultural perspective, exploring the role of art in the great American search for identity.
108426: CORNELIS, MIREILLE; JONGH, EDDY DE; SLOTEN, LEONORE VAN - In de ban van Hercules Segers. Rembrandt en de modernen. Het Rembrandthuis, Amsterdam.
50268: CORNELISSEN, IGOR. - Speurtocht naar de (auto)biografie. * De Nieuwe Engelbewaarder 1.
57463: CORNELISSEN, IGOR. - Mathieu Smedts. De katholiek die Vrij Nederland redde.
103723: CORNIPS, LEONIE & BECKERS, BARBARA. - Het dorp & de wereld. Over 30 jaar Rowwen Hèze.
101898: CORREGAN, DAPHNE. - A Distance d'objet: Daphné Corregan.?
108152: CORREMANS, LUC. - De mooiste schilderijen in België. 1: Oude meesters. 2: Nieuwe meesters.
109008: CORSI, PIETRO - Lamarck. Sprongen in de evolutie. Monografie over leven en werk van de Franse bioloog (1744-1829).
108938: COSTANDI, MOHEB. - 50 inzichten het menselijke brein. Onmisbare basiskennis.
98050: COSTELLE, DANIEL & POLACCO, MICHEL. - Images inconnues de l'aviation. French text.
14143: COSTER, MARC DE. - Woordenboek van jargon en slang.
106402: COUCKE, JO - In de luwte van de tijd. Verzamelde essays over Jan Fabre (1983-2015). De hier gebundelde teksten van de Vlaamse kunsthistoricus Jo Coucke, die werden geschreven en gepubliceerd tussen 1983 en 2015, bieden de lezer een uitzonderlijke gelegenheid om getuige te zijn van een oeuvre in ontwikkeling.
109020: LE COULTRE, EVA-ANNE. - Cogito/ Ik denk. Inleiding in de filosofie.
108996: LE COULTRE, EVA-ANNE, JONGENELEN, BAS & DOOREMALEN, HANS. - Cogito/ Ik denk. werkboek Havo.
69895: LE COULTRE, EVA-ANNE, JONGENELEN, BAS & DOOREMALEN, HANS. - Ik denk/ Cogito Werkboek vwo.
108968: LE COULTRE, EVA-ANNE. - Cogito/ Ik denk. Inleiding in de filosofie.
58892: COUPERUS, LOUIS. - Langs lijnen van geleidelijkheid.
101122: COUPERUS, STEFAN. - De machinerie van de stad. Stadsbestuur als idee en praktijk, Nederland en Amsterdam 1900-1940.
18197: COURTAULD, SAMUEL. - Impressionist & Post-Impressionist Masterpieces: The Courteauld Collection.
68122: COURTIN, PIERRE. - Gravures.
103905: COUWENBERG, S.W & CLITEUR, P.B. - Heeft geschiedenis zin? of is dit een onzinnige vraag? Civis Mundi Jaarboek MMXIV.
103904: COUWENBERG, S.W. - Tijdsein. Peiling en perspectief van deze tijd. Met de Duitse cultuurfilosoof Günther Anders is Prof. Couwenberg geneigd deze tijd te markeren als een eindtijd, dat wil zeggen een tijd waarin het leven van de menselijke soort op het spel staat, de techniek subject van de geschiedenis lijkt te worden en de mens als historische actor voorbijgestreefd dreigt te raken. Er groeit zodoende een onoverbrugbare kloof tussen het technische vermogen van de moderne mensheid en haar vermogen de consequenties en gevaren voor te stellen en te beheersen van wat zij in technisch opzicht voortbrengt.
66594: COUZIJN, WESSEL. - Tekeningen. Beelden.
106658: COWLING, ELIZABETH & COX, NEIL A.O. - Picasso Challenging the Past.
105187: COX, GARY - Filosoferen, hoe doe je dat? Beknopte inleiding tot de filosofische methoden en de denkwijzen van bekende filosofen uit heden en verleden.
105588: CRAIG-MARTIN, MICHAEL. - On Being an Artist.
108761: CRAIG, EDWARD (GENERAL EDITOR). - Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy (10 Volume Set).
106456: CRÉE, MARLEEN DE. - Druppelpunt.
68950: CREMER, JAN. - Ik Jan Cremer derde boek.
66364: CREMER, JAN. - Zeegezichten/ Seascapes.

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