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9: BARTON, PETER - Torridon: a walker's guide
40: BASSE, H., GLASCHKE, B., DROUZY, J., TREBUCHET, G., HAIGH, J.C., WATTS, L.E. AND J.A. HUYSKES - Varieties of lettuce: an international monograph
45: BERMEJO, J.E. HERNANDEZ AND J. LEON (EDITORS) - Neglected crops: 1492 from a different perspective
38: BJORN, INGE - Oltidsdragt Nutidstoj, Hovedfotograf: Gerard Franseschi
7: BRODRIBB, GERALD - Felix on the bat, together with the full text of the second edition of Felix on the bat
22: BROMFIELD, LOUIS - Pleasant Valley
34: BUKDAHL, JORGEN & JENS MARINUS JENSEN - Fri Ungdom: DAnsk folkeligt Ungdomsarbejde
52: BUSCHENREITER, ALEXANDER - Unser Ende ist euer Untergang: die Botschaft der Hopi und anderer US-Indianer an die Welt
12: CHRISTY, JIM - Rough Road to the North: travels along the Alaska Highway
23: DAUDET, ALPHONSE - Le petit chose
8: DAUTHENDEN, MAX - Ausgewählte Lieder aus sieben Büchern
11: DIVINA - The living Silence
53: DONHOFF, MARION GRAFIN - Die neue Mittwochsgesllschaft: Gesprache uber Probleme von Burger und Staat
24: AUSSCHUSS FUR DEUTSCHE EINHEIT - DDR 300 Fragen 300 Antworten
4: GRANT, JOAN - Time out of mind
28: HALL, G.P.D. - Dover strait pilot NP no 28. The south-eastern coast of England from Selsey Bill to Osford Ness and the coast of Europe from Cap Cap dÁntifer to Scheveningen
41: HANSEN, JENS AND KAJ HENRIKSEN - Nitrogen in organic wastes applied to soils
16: HUIZINGA, J. - Le déclin du moyen age
39: HULL, D. AND T.W. CLYNE - An Introduction to Composite Materials
5: JOHN, W. E. - Worrals en Mission (Worrals on the wart path)
46: KATAMBO, MKABWA LAWRENCE MANOKO - A systematic study of African Solanum L. section Solanum (Solanaceae)
47: KATENDE, ANTHONY B., PAUL SSEGAWA AND ANN BIRNIE - Wild food plants and mushrooms of Uganda
35: LANGE, IB - Lis
3: LAUGHTON, NANCY - A review of the flat-coated retriever
27: LLOYD, NATHANIEL - Topiary: garden craftsmanship in yew and box
42: MAYER, A.M. AND A. POLJAKOFF-MAYBER - The germination of seeds
10: MCEVOY, HARRY K. - Knife throwing: a practical guide
31: HYDROGRAPHER OF THE NAVY - Channel Pilot NP 27. Isles of Scilly and south coast of England, from Cape Cornwall to Bognor Regis and north-west and north coasts of France from, Pointe de Penmarc'h to Cap d'Antifer
32: PAUL, JUSTINE & J.C. GIBERT (ILL.) - Favorite songs of Babar: mini-piano
37: PETERSEN, ALBERT - Ny Dansk Mandolinskole
33: SCHEPELERN, GERHARD - Instrumenter og Partitur
50: SCHEPERS, H.T.A.M. - Development and persistence of resistance to fungicides in Sphaerotheca fuliginea in cucumbers in the Netherlands
2: STÖGMÜLLER, PETER - Von Angerdorf zur Bezirksstadt: Kirchdorf -Eine Chronik in Wort und Bild
1: THUBRON, COLIN - To the last city
6: TOLSTOY, ALEXEI - The great big enormous turnip
51: TURKENSTEEN, L.J. - Partial resistance of tomatoes against Phytophthora infestans, the late blight fungus
48: VOSSEN, H.A.M. VAN DER, MKAMILO, G.S. - Ressources vegetales de l?frique tropicale 14: Oleagineux