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7441: N.A. - Japanese Ehon about the Chinese-Japanese war of 1894-5
5710: N.A. - l'Armee Francaise
8016: ? - Le Rendez-vous de Madame Elisabeth, soeur du Roi avec l'Abbe de S. Martin aumonier de la Garde Nationale dans la Jardin des Tuileries
6952: N.A. - Gud Nyus Bilong Jisas Krais. We Matuy, Mo Mak, Mo Luk, Mo Jon Oli Raitem. The Four Gospels in New Hebrides Bislama
9154: N.A. - 't Groot Hoorns, Enkhuyser en Alkmaerder Liede-Boeck, versiert met veel mooye Bruylofts-liedekens en Gesangen
5705: N.A. - Imago Primi Saeculi Societatis Jesu: a Provincia Flandro-Belgica Eiusdem Societatis Repraesentata
9967: N.A. - Nieuw vermeerdert kort en grondig onderwys, van het Al-om-Vermaard en zeer Vermakelyk Volte-spel. Als mede van het a l hombre en piketten (&) Espadille force (&) Piket spel
6520: N.A. - Colonial Annual Reports. Northern Nigeria 1900-1911
9750: N.A. - Beeches Press Prospectus Six
7672: N.A. - Soldatenleben im Kriege Bilder aus dem Deutsch-Franzosischen Feldzuge
6609: N.A. - Travels of James Bruce Through Part of Africa, Syria, Egypt, and Arabia into Abyssinia to Discover the Source of the Nile
7799: N.A. - Anleitung zum Betrieb und zur Instandhaltung des 2.0 Ltr. Opel - Ausgabe Februar 1935
10378: H.M. - Le Tour du Monde en courant
9054: ALCOCK, C.W. (EDITOR). - Famous Cricketers and Cricket Grounds 1895
6552: ALEXANDER, HERBERT - Boyd Alexander's Last Journey. With a Memoir by Herbert Alexander
8015: ANONYM - Les Causeries de Lucine. Etudes de Psychologie Sexuelle. Preface du Docteur Minime
6517: ANRETT, E.J.; ELPHINSTONE, K.V.; GOWERS, W.F.; FREMANTLE, J.M.; MIGEOD, C.O. - Six Publications on Africa: Notes on Nassarawa Province Nigeria (1920); Gazetteer of Zaria Province (1920); Gazetteer of Ilorin Province (1921); Gazetteer of Kano Province (1921); Gazetteer of Muri Province (1922); Gazetteer of Yola Province (1927)
7436: BARRES, M - Greco ou Le secret de Tolede
6561: BARTH, HENRY - Travels and discoveries in North and Central Africa. Including accounts of Timbuktu, Sokoto, and the basins of the Niger and Benuwe
6557: RENE BAZIN - Charles de Foucauld. Explorateur du Maroc Ermite au Sahara
6585: BERGHE, PIERRE L. VAN DEN - Power and Privilege at an African University
6550: BINDLOSS, HAROLD - In the Niger Country
1849: BLONDEL, SPIRE - L'Art Intime et le Gout en France (Grammaire de la Curiosite)
6588: BOAHEN, A. ADU - Britain, the Sahara and the Western Sudan 1788-1861
9452: BOGAERT, ABRAHAM - Historische Reizen door d'Oostersche Deelen van Asia
2388: BOON, MARTIN JAMES - The History of the Orange Free State
7275: BOULDING, KENNETH - Paths of Glory. A New Way With War
6523: BOVILL, E.W. - Missions to the Niger. The Journal of Friedrich Hornemann s Travels from Cairo to Murzuk in the Years 1797-98 and The Letters of Major Alexander Gordon Laing 1824-26. Volume 1.
9784: BROWNING, ELIZABETH BARRETT - Poetical Works - Binding
6595: BURNS, SIR ALAN - Colonial Civil Servant
9739: JOHN MARQUIESS OF BUTE (= JOHN CRICHTON-STUART, 3RD MARQUIESS OF BUTE) - On the Ancient Language of the Natives of Tenerife
6536: CARDINALL, A.W. - The Gold Coast, 1931. A Review of conditions in the Gold Coast in 1931 as compared with those of 1921, based on figures and facts collected by the Chief Census Officer of 1931, together with a Historical, Ethnographical and Sociological Survey of the People of that Country
9158: CAREME, MAURICE - La Lanterne Magique - Binding J. Mauhin
9450: CARVALHO, JOAO JORGE DE - Gaticanea, ou Cruelissima Guerra entre os Caes, e os Gatos, decidida em huma sunguinolenta batalha na grande praca da real villa de Mafra - 4th Conde de Mafra's Copy
7274: CASSIUS (MICHAEL FOOT) - Brendan & Beverly. An Extravaganza
9466: CHATEAUBRIANT, A. DE - Binding - Monsieur des Lourdines
7590: CHAUMETON, F.P. - Flore Medicale - 7 parts in 8 volumes
9458: CHERAU, GASTON - Valentine Pacquault - Binding by Berthe Thieren
7005: COIFFIER, CHRISTIAN - Traditional Architecture in Vanuatu
9155: CREBILLON, CLAUDE-PROSPER JOLYOT DE - Binding - La nuit et le moment ou les matines de Cythere
9734: N.O. = CUOQ, JEAN-ANDRE - Etudes philosophiques sur quelques Langues Sauvages de l Amerique
6522: DEBENHAM, FRANK - The Way to Ilala: David Livingstone s Pilgrimage
6525: DEMOUGEOT, A. - Rene Caillie (1798-1838)
9160: DICKENS, CHARLES - David Copperfield
9468: DORGELES, ROLAND - Le Cabaret de la Belle Femme
6569: DRUMMOND, HENRY - Tropical Africa. With six maps, and illustrations
8014: DULAURE, JACQUES-ANTOINE - Des Divinites Generatrices ou du Culte du Phallus chez les Anciens et les Modernes
6558: FALCONER, J.D. - The Geology and Geography of Northern Nigeria
6548: FALCONER, J.D. - On Horseback Through Nigeria or Life and Travel in the Central Sudan
5944: FAVIER, ALPHONSE - Péking. Histoire et description
6608: FITZPATRICK, J.P. - The Transvaal from within: a private record of public affairs
9152: GIANNINI, GIUSEPPE - De la nature des fievres, et de la meilleure methode de les traiter
9157: GOGH, VINCENT VAN - Binding - Lettres de Vincent van Gogh a son frere Theo
7273: GRACCHUS - Your M.P.
9153: GRANDVAL, N. RACOT DE - Cartouche, of de booswigt. Waar in de konst van beurzen snyden (door Cartouche onderweezen) verhandelt wert. Nog is hier agter aangeplaatst, twee woorden boekjes, namentlyk het eenen met het Nederduitsch voor, en het Bargoens er teegen over, en het andere met het Bargoens voor, en het Nederduitsch er over
9161: DE GROODT-ADANT, JULIETTE - Binding - Terre d'Astarte. Souvenirs de Syrie
6586: GWYNN, STEPHEN - Mungo Park and the Quest of the Niger
6539: HAILEY, LORD - An African Survey. Revised
6526: HAILEY - An African Survey. A Study of Problems Arising in Africa South of the Sahara
7266: HANNIBAL - The Price We Pay! or ?7,600,000,000 of Morphia. What the Atlantic Charter means, with some comments on the past and the future
6611: HEAD, MAJOR F.B. - The Life of Bruce, the African Traveller
9551: HEADLY, LAWRANCE C. - The Queen - Rare Play King Arthur and Queen Guinevere
6518: HEUSS, THEODOR - Gustav Nachtigal 1869-1969. Ses notes sont caracterisees par leur force et leur clarte simple; les donnees objectives qui sont presentees a la science alternent avec le recit des destins, avec l
6598: HILL, POLLY - Rural Hausa: a village and a setting
6580: HILL, POLLY - Population, prosperity and poverty. Rural Kano 1900 and 1970
6568: HINDERER, ANNA - Seventeen Years in the Yoruba Country. Memorials of Anna Hinderer, wife of the Rev. David Hinderer, C.M.S. Missionary in Western Africa. Gathered from het Journals and Letters. With an introduction by Richard B. Hone
9746: HODGES, SHEILA - Gollancz. The Story of a Publishing House 1928-1978
66521: HOGBEN, S.J. - The Muhammadan Emirates of Nigeria
6643: HOOD, THOMAS - The Headlong Career and Woful Ending of Precocious Piggy
6575: HOPEN, C. EDWARD - The Pastoral Fulbe Family in Gwandu
6481: HOVGAARD, G.W. - Submarine Boats
5938-5939: HUC, EVARISTE - Souvenirs d'un voyage dans la Tartarie et le Thibet pendant les annees 1844, 1845 et 1846 TOGETHER WITH L'Empire chinois faisant suite à l'ouvrage intitulé Souvenirs d'un voyage dans la Tartarie et le Thibet
6538: HUNT, JOHN A - A General Survey of the Somaliland Protectorate 1944-1950
6541: JOHNSTON, SIR H.H. - Livingstone and the Exploration of Central Africa
7268: JONES, J.D. - The Power to Endure
2761: JUEL-HANSEN, N. - De Japanneezen: Vertelling voor de Jeugd
6051: KEMPIS, THOMAS A - De Imitatione Christi Libri Quatuor
7269: KENNEDY, G.A. STUDDERT - Why Aren't All the Best Chaps Christians?
7267: KIDD, RONALD - The Fight for a Free Press
6579: KUMM, H. KARL - The Sudan. A short compendium of facts and figures about the Land of Darkness
6560: LAMANDE, ANDRE & NANTEUIL, JACQUES - La Vie de Ren? Caillie. Vainqueur de Tombouctou
8582: LANCE, ADOLPHE - Dictionnaire des Architectes Francais
6605: LANDER, RICHARD - Records of Captain Clapperton's Last Expedition to Africa: By Richard Lander, his faithful attendant, and the only surviving member of the expedition: with the subsequent adventures of the author. In two volumes
6594: LANOYE, FERDINAND DE - Le Niger et les Explorations de l Afrique Centrale depuis Mungo-Park jusqu au docteur Barth
6574: LARYMORE, CONSTANCE - A Resident s Wife in Nigeria. With Forty-one illustrations and a portrait of the author
10375: LEBRUN, HENRI - Voyages en Abyssinie et en Nubie
9470: LESCAILJE, KATHARYNE - De Mengelpoezy van Katharyne Lescailje
6584: LEWIS, I.M. - A Pastoral Democracy. A study of pastoralism and politics among the Northern Somali of the Horn of Africa
6566: LEYLAND, J. - Adventures in the Far Interior of South Africa including a Journey to Lake Ngami and Rambles in Honduras to which is appended a short treatise on the best mode of skinning and preserving birds, animals, & c; also receipts for making preservatives
6600: LLOYD, P.C. & MABOGUNJE, A.L. & AWE, B. (EDITORS) - The City of Ibadan. A Symposium on its Structure & Development
6614: LORD, W.B. & BAINES, THOMAS - Shifts and expedients of camp life, travel, and exploration
6583: LOVE, J.R.B. - Stone-Age Bushmen of To-Day. Life and Adventure among a Tribe of Savages in North-Western Australia
5687: MAASKAMP, E - Afbeeldingen van de Kleeding Zeden en Gewoonten in de Bataafsche Republiek, met den aanvang der negentiende eeuw
9159: MACHIAVEL - Le Prince
9467: MAETERLINCK, MAURICE - Binding - La Princesse Maleine
6532: MAHOOD, M.M. - Joyce Cary s Africa
4990: AMERICO PALFREY MARRAS - The Secret Fraternities of the Middle Ages
9472: MARTIN, BENJAMIN - Filozoofische Onderwyzer of Algemeene Schets der hedendaagsche Ondervindelyke Natuurkunde - VOC band (Amsterdam) Binding
9462: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Binding - Un Essai sur Dickens
9463: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Binding - Byron - Signed by author
9460: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Binding L'Amerique Inattendue
9461: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Climats
9459: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Le Cercle de Famille
7276: MAXTON, JAMES - If I Were Dictator
6658: MEDHURST, G - Calculations and Remarks, tending to prove the Practicability, Effects and Advantages of a Plan for the Rapid Conveyance of Goods and Passengers upon an Iron Road through a Tube of 30 Feet in Area, by the Power and Velocity of Air
6529: MEEK, C.K. - The Northern Tribes of Nigeria. An Ethnographical Account of the Northern Provinces of Nigeria Together With a Report on the 1921 Decennial Census
9415: MEIDINGER, KARL VON - Des Hrn. Anton Gouan Geschichte der Fische, welche derselben äussere und innere Beschaffenheit und in Klassen und Ordnungen abgetheilte Gattungen enthält
9453: MEISTER, GEORGE - Der Orientalisch-Indianische Kunst- und Lust-Gaertner
6509: MIESSNER, B.F. - Radiodynamics. The Wireless Control of Torpedoes and Other Mechanisms + 2 photo's
6556: MILLER, RONALD (EDITOR) - The Travels of Mungo Park
6543: MILLER, W.R.S. - Reflections of a Pioneer
8486: MILNE, J. HOGARTH - Great Britain in the Coronation Year. Being a historical record of the crowning of Their Imperial Majesties King George the Fifth and Queen Mary together with a chronicle of the various clerical noble naval military diplomatic and civil personages attendant thereat illustrated by scenes and portraits from contemporary photographs
6545: MITCHELL, PHILIP - African Afterthoughts
6542: MONOD, THEODORE (ED.) - Pastoralism in Tropical Africa
6606: MOORE, DECIMA & GUGGISBERG, MAJOR F.G. - We Two in West Africa
6607: MOREL, EDMUND D. - Affairs of West Africa
6610: MOREL, E.D. - Nigeria. Its Peoples and its Problems
7272: MUMFORD, PHILIP S. - An Introduction ot Pacifism
9547: MUNTHE, AXEL - The Story of San Michele
9464: MUSSET, ALFRED DE - Binding - Contes et Nouvelles
5711: NASO, P. OVIDIUS - De gedaant-wisselingen van P. Ovidius Naso, in het Latyn en Nederduitsch, nieulyx vertaald, en te zamen in het licht gegeven, door Isaak Verburg, nevens omstandige aantekeningen tot opheldering der verdichtselen, door Antonius Banier, Lidt van de Academie der Opschriften en beschaafde Wetenschappen te Parys. Met een groot aantal keurlyke prentverbeeldingen, door B. Picart en andere voorname Meesters gesneden, vercierd. Large Paper copy!
8754: NAUMKIN, VITALY (EDITOR) - Khiva. Caught in Time: Great Photographic Archives
9150: NEFZAOUI, CHEIKH - Le Jardin Parfume. Manuel d Erotologie Arabe (XVIe siecle)
9329: NEWMAN, BERNARD - Ride to Russia (Review Copy)
9764: OREND, KARL; MORRILL, CONSTANCE - A Short History of Carrefour Press and Archives
5708: OVIDIUS NASO, P. - Les Metamorphoses d'Ovide, en Latin et Francois divis?es en XV Livres ... de la traduction de Mr. Pierre Du-Ryer
6553: PARK, MUNGO - Travels in the Interior of Africa
6540: PERHAM, MARGERY - West African Passage: A Journey through Nigeria, Chad and the Cameroons
6535: PERHAM, MARGERY - Lugard
6601: PERHAM, MARGERY & BULL, MARY (EDITORS) - The Diaries of Lord Lugard: Nigeria 1894-5 and 1898. Volume Four
9023: PERKINS, HENRY; SWANTON, E.W.; RAYVERN, ALLEN - Scores of the Cricket Matches Between Oxford & Cambridge from the Commencement up to Date TOGETHER WITH The Test Matches of 1953 TOGETHER WITH The Second Lord s Cricket Ground, Home of MCC 1811-1813 (Lot of three (3) publications
9832: PETITOT, M. - Répertoire du Théatre François ou recueil des tragédies et comédies restées au théatre depuis Rotrou pour faire suite aux éditions in-octavo de Corneille, Moliere, Racine, Regnard, Crébillon, et au théatre de Voltaire. Nouvelle édition. 25 Volumes
8524: PILON, EDMOND - La Vie de Famille au Dix-huitieme Siecle - Art Deco binding
6671: PRESCOTT, THEODORE L. - A Broken Dream
6591: PROTHERO, R. MANSELL - Migrant Labour from Sokoto Province Northern Nigeria
7237: RABOISSON, ANTOINE - En Orient. Recits et notes d un voyage en Palestine et en Syrie par l Egypte et le Sinai
8574: RAYMOND, PAUL - Sceaux des Archives du Departement des Basses-Pyrenees
4960: REAUMUR, R.A.F. - Konst om tamme-vogelen van allerhande soort in alle jaartijden uittebroeijen en optebrengen, zo door t middel van mest als van t gewoone vuur. Verrykt met verscheide kunstplaaten. Door den Heer de Reaumur
9449: REGNIER, HENRI DE - La Pecheresse
9465: REGNIER, HENRI DE - Binding - La Pecheresse
6587: RICHARDS, AUDREY I. - Hunger and Work in a Savage Tribe: A functional study of nutrition among the southern Bantu
6615: ROBERTSON, J.S. - The Life of David Livingstone, Ll.D., The Great Missionary Explorer
6572: ROBINSON, CHARLES HENRY - Hausaland or Fifteen Hundred Miles Through the Central Soudan
6519: LORD RENNELL OF RODD - British Military Administration of Occupied Territories in Africa during the years 1941-1947
6593: ROTH, H. LING - Great Benin: Its Customs, Art and Horrors
6602: SCHIFFERS, HEINRICH - Die Grosse Reise. Dr. Heinrich Barths Forschungen und Abenteuer 1850-1855
6597: SCHLIPPE, PIERRE DE - Shifting Cultivation in Africa. The Zande System of Agriculture
5702: SCHN?RER, GUSTAV - Kerk en Beschaving in de Middeleeuwen
5089: SCHURE, EDOUARD - Les Grands Inities Esquisse de l Histoire Secrete des Religions
6592: SHAW, FLORA L. (LADY LUGARD) - A Tropical Dependency. An Outline of the Ancient History of the Western Soudan with an Account of the Modern Settlement of Northern Nigeria
9985: SINGER, SAMUEL WELLER - Researches into the history of playing cards. With illustrations of the origin of printing and engraving on wood
6555: SMITH, EDWIN W. - The Golden Stool. Some Aspects of the Conflict of Cultures in Modern Africa
6581: SMUTS, GENERAL J.C. - Africa and Some World Problems. Including the Rhodes Memorial Lectures delivered in Michaelmas Term
9766: ST. JOHN, JOHN - William Heinemann. A Century of Publishing 1890-1990
6613: STEBBING, HENRY - The Christian in Palestine; or, scenes of sacred history, historical and descriptive. Illustrated from sketches taken on the spot by W.H. Bartlett
6577: STENNING, DERRICK J. - Savannah Nomads: A study of the Woodaase Pastoral Fulani of Western Bornu Province Northern Region, Nigeria
6320: THIERS, ADOLPHE - Atlas de l Histoire du Consulat et de l Empire dresse et dessine sous la direction de M. Thiers par A. Dufour et Duvotenay, grave en relief par Gillot, inventeur de la paniconographie
6527: THOMSON, A.A.; MIDDLETON, DOROTHY - Lugard in Africa
6604: THOMSON, REV. J.B. - Joseph Thomson. African Explorer. A Biography by his Brother
6546: TREMEARNE, MAJOR A.J.N. - The Tailed Head-Hunters of Nigeria. An account of an official s seven years experiences in the Norther Nigerian Pagan Belt, and a description of the manners, habits, and customs of the native tribes
6573: MISS TUCKER - Abbeokuta; or, Sunrise within the Tropics: an outline of the origin and progress of the Yoruba mission
7669: VERLAINE, PAUL - Oeuvres completes - set of eight volumes (8)
7668: VERLAINE, PAUL - Poemes Saturniens - Binding Jacques Weckesser #44/50 sur Japon
10383: VERTEUIL, L.A.A. - Trinidad. Its Geography, Natural Resources, Administation, Present Condition, and Prospects
6571: WAKEFIELD, PRESCILLA - The Traveller in Africa: containing some account of the antiquities, natural curiosities and inhabitants, of such parts of that continent and its islands, as have been most explored by Europeans. The Route Traced on a Map for the Entertainment and Instruction of Young Persons
5623: WILSON, WHITWELL WILSON (EDITOR) - The Greville Diary: Including Passages Hitherto Withheld from Publication
6564: WILSON-HAFFENDEN, CAPTAIN J.R. - The Red Men of Nigeria. An account of a lengthy residence among the Fulani, or Red Men, & other pagan tribes of Central Nigeria, with a description of their headhunting, pastoral & other customs, habits & religion